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Backlash wrote:
Man those are some great looking fish, what were they catch and release or straight to the fillet knife.

One other thing how are you guys avatar photos to fit.

Yeah dude you don't keep female bass like that i hope you don't. If you were to harvest some fish they should only be in the 2 pound range nothing more then that, those big fish also have mercury in them and is not good for you. The big fish are in there to produce bigger fish the more big ones you let go the bigger there off spring well get
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A jig bite using one of Todds custom jigs These guys spend a weeks pay on a lure if they felt it produced fish.

If you are selling lures please post a pic with a fish I am sure the people in the area will buy it.

they nomarly drive 3 hours to the nearest Bass Pro Shop
Think like a Professional, Act like a Professional, Fish like a professional, and people will treat you like a Champion.

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This a post that should be appearing on the Roanoke times blog... 3/3/08

That is one heck of a Steelhead!! Catching it in on a pontoon boat must have felt like catching Jaws, "we need a bigger boat".

That was also a great video submitted by Mike Ayers of the Sonoma Belly Boat Club under the photo for John Crews delivers photo.

Okay are you guys pumped yet,.... This is how we will start Hopefully many more to come The First New River Belly Boat Tournament is in the works after I check the legality of such we must first have a Champion.

The rules will be simple, the heaviest 1 to 5 fish total will win a Trophy commemorating his or her achievement. Now you guys didn't actually think this would be limited to the "fellas only".

The place for the tournament will either be Gatewood Reservoir or Pandapas Pond for obvious reasons no wakes from motorized boats. And more information about the different aspects of the belly boats.

Lastly each belly boat must have a live well. The SCBBC have a excellent design for a live well on their web site if you visit it let them know what you think they will respond in kind. One design for a irrigated live well can even be incorporated from the Pontoon too John Boat for less than $60.00 how cool is that.

I will be posting again very soon and I will try to have where some deals can be had, oh by the way you can use a fish finder on your float tube. "What"! you didn't know that item was available for a float tube come on give me a break! Yet if you think it's not sporting enough then lets test your fishing knowledge and your skills.

It has always been my private conviction that any man who pits his intelligence against a fish and loses has it coming. ~ John Steinbeck:
Think like a Professional, Act like a Professional, Fish like a professional, and people will treat you like a Champion.

(1962- 20??)
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