Congrats to Russ on the win. I had a fun but frustrating day. Rich and I decided to fish a bit longer and I hooked into a very skinny 6 lb 11oz toad.

2008 Scbbbc Angler of the Year

2007 Scbbbc Co-Angler of the Year

2014 Top 5 bass

1 9.1 lbs The Pond Bobby's Perfect Frog
2 8.5 lbs The Pond Zoom Trick Worm
3 7.4 lbs The Pond Spro Lipless 
4 7.4 lbs The Pond Spro Lipless 
5 6.7 lbs The Pond Senko

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Thata boy big Dave!nice fish,probably would been a 8# 3 weeks ago. thx for sharing the pic.
"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." Jimi Hendrix
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Nice fish Dave.
2016 Goal a Spot over 5lb
So far I have 3.5 lb sport

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