Hey guys!
Long time no talk I've been bussy with working and deer hunting lately and have lost touch with you guys. I will be up at the lake for the toc and was wondering if you need a release boat since I'll be up there on mine.
Let me know,
Thankyou, Scottie
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My boat will be there too.

Kevin Marcheschi

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yo scott long time no see !! that would be great !!! i know we all ready have jon graves lined up to help... another boat would be super !! i would assume were going with 3pm sat and 2pm sun. hope to see you there !! thanks homie !!
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We will definitely need two boats!! Especially if we bring in 4 fish for 38 lbs!!! LOL!! Deren you might have to bring an extra livewell for me!! 5 fish limit yesterday was 45 lbs 9 ounce!!
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