Thanks all for another fun year.

Pre Fish: I pre fished last Saturday with Jacob and the bite wasn't great. We caught fish everywhere on everything but no size. I was also able to fish Friday all day and I focused on 4 areas I was trying to decide and fish for the TOC. It came down to the Nice/Lucerne area and Boren Bega area which is just south of Frazier point. Both of these areas produced better quality fish for me. As of Friday night I settled on Aurora and I knew Bin would be there also.

Day 1: started off from blast off seeing Jason burn rubber to go wherever he was going. I sped up to keep up with him on the off chance he was going to where I was also going, and as soon as I tried to pass him and he sped up I knew he was going to the same spot as I had told him I was going there. When I was passing him he also sped up and started to fish tail a bit and I was like oh god no. He recovered and all was good. I was able to pass him and gain some distance due to a slow truck that I was able to also pass. As I'm unloading at my launch I see Jason zoom past and I hurry to finish and get in the water. As I get in the water I had waited to put my flippers on and as a result of rushing I dropped a flipper overboard and it sunk to the bottom. So I was handi capped and in the struggle to get my flipper I accidentally knocked two live wires together and the fireworks started I almost caught my boat on fire. After all of this I already see Jason on exactly the spot I wanted to be on so I oared over and started next to a tree and was chatting with Jason about my fiasco and threw my first cast with a jig which got nailed and was my 2nd biggest fish of day 1, next cast with the jig I get bit, swing and a miss :-(, 3rd cast nada, 4th cast bite, swing and a miss :-(, 2 cast later and bam my 3rd biggest fish all while it's still dark. Fished a bit for no bites and watched Jason tank a 6/7 on a jig right at the boat. Although disappointed he shook it off and kept on fishing. Through out the day I could not buy a reaction bite for the life of me, I was able to catch fish by drop shifting a Keitech leech in electric shad color by slow dragging/dead sticking almost. And was able to catch fish through out the day and culled multiple time through out the day. At about 11/12 I was literally 5 feet from Jason and got bit by not paying attention while dragging the dropshot and it came up and was like damn that's a 10, Jason looked on in surprise as I scooped her up with my signature KM foot headlock. That's was my big fish of the day and the last time I would cull I believe. She ended up being just under 10. And I weighed 26/27 lbs for day one with 4 fish.

Day 2: started out the same spot and caught a couple of rats which I would have until about 9 am when I caught my 3rd and 4th fish which both were about 2.5 lbs on the same drop shot Keitech. At about 10/11 Bin came over near me and started to throw an LV on the other side of the dock than me and found a wolf pack of 5+ lbers. He called me and Jason over and I was able to catch a 5 on an LV and missed one, Jason wasn't getting bit so I told him to cast the other way and check the other corner and he made a long cast over and BAM he nailed a 5/6. I was able to catch my big fish of day two from randomly having my dropshot hanging in the water while my rod was down and I was retying as I lost my LV. I was able to cull out my two other 2 lbers slowly working the drop shot through out the rest of the day as well. Bin stumbled on the wolf pack and I thank him for inviting me and Jason both to come over and join in. What a crazy remarkable spot figuring out how many fish over 5 pounds came off a 25 yard circle basically. I think over 40 fish between 5-10 lbs were caught between Jason, Bin and Myself in that small area.

Truly a remarble spot considering it produced the best sack Jason had ever had, the best fishing Bin had ever had as well as being one of the top single spot catching I have ever witnessed. Clearlake is an amazing lake and I was thinking that both Jason and my records may not stand for very long as the fishing at Clearlake has been beyond crazy the last few years here.

The key for me was slowing down and just waiting the bites out. We all knew they were down there and likely crossing their noses all day both days and just timing it right to get them to bite.

I can't wait to go back and have some more fun.

Kevin Marcheschi

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Great Job Kicking our arsss.   Great report.  Had a great time.  

2016 Goal a Spot over 5lb
So far I have 3.5 lb sport

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