Fished Lake Baerryessa last weekend with a friend of mine...I fished this area that Matt had lost a good size fish. 2nd cast ona blade she nailed me. She weighed in at 6.12. Fishing has been steady and sometimes good...This fish was caught fairly shallow(5-7ft). Water temps then were 52-53. I think this was your fish Matt.... I got a few smallies and this LM. Not a bad Berryessa day!!!!

2011 Top 5 bass

1. 11.09 LMB Private pond
2. 9.1 LMB Private Pond
3. 7.1 LMB Clear Lake
4. 5.8 LMB Clear Lake
5. 4.0 Smallie Berryessa
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Its this Saturday folks. Bass insider will be covering float tubing in California. Low Budget bassin. This will be cool for sure. Be sure to tune in to ESPN2 this Saturday, April 15th at 5:00am. They will talk a little about what we are doing out here in our float tubes.See if you know any one on the show.

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Thanks for the look out.
2016 Goal a Spot over 5lb
So far I have 3.5 lb sport

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