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Hey me and Mike bogges were talking about the idea of a 5 tourney a years team kickboat circuit, pick your partner and so on just like Boat tourney stick with your partner for all those 5 tourneys and havea a mini TOC, and keep the lakes down to 2 choices, say clearlake and berryessa or what have you. Anyways.... anybody have any thoughts on this?


Un-finalized team are as follows, please list if you havent already.

*******Beacon Harbor*******

1. Daniel Kin & Matt Cahill
2. Kevin Nunez & Michael Nunez
3. Mike Pierce & Paul Fontes
4. Mike Ayers & Bill Sweatt
5. Chris Zelenka & Mitch Teman
6. David Pham &
8. Steve Williams &
9. Jay Bryant & Travis Tarver
10. Kevin Marcheschi & Mike Bogges
11. Terry Yea &
12. Jeff wilson & derek saldivar
13. John Lake & Joey Castro
14. Darren Kozenko & Scott Beem
15. Phil Ragueneau & Dan Chester
16. Steve Irie & Daniel Balaba
17. Darius & Petey Pete

ill update daily

also what do you guys think about

March- Clearlake
May- Delta
July- Delta
Septermber Clearlake

TOC at????

$10.00 BIG FISH

Kevin Marcheschi

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Here's another random aray of photo's past and present.

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