Hello everyone. Life as real estate agent in Lake County is tough these days. As a result I am offering my services as a guide and instructor on Clearlake. (Lake Sonoma is also possible)

Many of you don't know me. My name is Benno Heune. I am an original founder of the SCBBBC and have been bass fishing for over 30 years. I have fished tournaments on and off for over 20 years. I have a well rounded knowledge of bass fishing techniques, tournament fishing and Clearlake itself. My personal specialties are: Flipping, Jig fishing, Reaction Baits, and overall fish finding, as well as tournament strategy and management. If you have any interest in improving your skills and learning about Clearlake please give me call, or send me an e-mail.

If you are wondering who the hell is this guy and why would I want to fish with him, talk with Todd Iwamoto, Rich Caro, and Bill Sweat. They can give you pretty good idea if it would be worth your time and money.

I have an 18ft Skeeter bass boat that runs well. It is better for one person but I can accomodate two people. I am looking to charge $100 per day plus gas.(The boat holds 15 gallons so about $45.00 max.) This rate would be for one or two people. Although I can be an effective guide I think the best thing I can provide is solid instruction in all aspects of bass fishing. I look forward to talking with you.

Benno - 707-696-6027 or 707-274-9277
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We're getting close to completing the first ever SCBBBC Winners Shootout. This will be 15 anglers who were able to out fish a lot of great California float tubers under a variety of water conditions. This will be a (NO ENTRY FEE) Tournament with a good pay out. The location is still to be determined. This tournament will be held in 2008. The date will not overlap any float tube/FLW Pro Am's or Federation dates. We want to be able to have every one who qualifies to be able to attend this historic event. Here are the names of the anglers who have qualified for this event. We still have 4 open slots to be filled by 4 winners.

1. Rich Caro 10.42 Berryessa.
2. Carson Riley /Jered Brendal 23.56 Delta. ( Team )
3. Scott Beem 17.25 Blue L.
4. Dave Sternitzky 23.69 Clear L. Open
5. Travis Tarver 17.05 Highland Springs.
6. Travis Tarver / Todd Iwamoto Lake Sonoma. ( Team )
7. Carson Riley 14.80 Spring L.
8. Rich Caro 16.19 Delta
9. ????????? State Classic C.L.
10. ????????? Blue L.
11. ????????? SCBBBC TOC C.L.
12. ????????? SCBBBC AOY 07'
13. Scott Rouhier B-N-T Travlers Region AOY 07'
14. John Lake B-N-T Delta Region AOY 07'
15. Tim Zandbergen B-N-T Shasta Region AOY 07'
Scbbbc Founder &  President "Fish fear Bass Tech Kickboats & Round Tubers" Want a new swim bait?
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