Looks like there`s enough interest from people on-line and that I`ve talked to on the phone for a little t-shoot this sunday.Time to get one more use out of that 2007 fishing license,lol. So here`s the details this sunday at the new ramp at fountain grove from 7:00am untill
1:00 pm.No pre-fishing balls to the all see what happens.$15 entry fee with a $5.00 big fish.We`ll also have one of the club scales and a camera or 2 on hand so everyone get off the couch one last time before x-mas to catch some fish.
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I haven't gotten any calls because no BnT TD knows my number. So Rich man, when you get the call. We should all get together or conference call and pick out dates. I can check the tides for the delta tourney and pick out the best day for it. Can we make it this Saturday anytime after 4pm. Let me know.

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Hi Binh
The BNT DR schedule is almost done. I spoke to Clint and he will have a schedule up for you all no later then 12/14 @ 10pm. I hope that helps and thanks for your patients.
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Hi Guys,

Sorry that I did not know you were waiting on me for the delta region schedule until a few days ago. The schedule is pretty much set with one open item that I need to discuss with the Travelers region TD. I will have the schedule up tomorrow evening at the latest and will post again here with the schedule.

Again I am sorry about the delay. I'm new to this and not aware of stuff that has happened in the background during prior years.

My cell phone is 831-359-1049 although I will have limited availability tonight due to my daughters school concert. My work number is 831-423-5560.

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Thanks Mr. Buzzfish.
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The 2008 Delta Region schedule is up. Again, I apologize for the delays and appreciate your patience.
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