As some of you know I have designed and poured baits for quite some time. I thought I would let you guys know that I have been working with Maverick worms up here in Lakeport developing a new paddle tail swimbait, and it is ready. After about a month of designing and 7 prototypes I finally got it right. Here are the highlights: The bait is hand poured from the same soft plastic used in Maverick worms. It is three dimensional (no flat side) and looks a lot more like a real minnow than a Basstrix or tube type paddletail. It is poured with a curve to the tail section so that the tail runs straight behind the bait and not above it when retrieved. The bait features a rattle pocket in the belly, hook guide on the bottom (front and back) and a hook slot on the top. It swims much slower than the other types and will wake on the surface without dishing out and flopping over. You can actually get it to trap and release air as it swims. In the midrange speeds it swims much like Basstrix or Money minnow with a few notable differences. The head doesn't wag quite as wide and it doesn't tip side to side quite as much, this results in a much more realistic swimming action. The bait should be rigged on 6/0 weighted hook (Falcon for example)we are also working on a weight that can be crimped on to your favorite hook and can be cut to the desired weight so you don't have to buy a bunch of different weighted hooks anymore. It is also designed to stand up when fished on the bottom.
Last week a guy fished it for the first time on Clearlake and caught about 45 fish and had a limit over 20 pounds. They ended up being fairly durable, he actually caught 12 fish on one bait. We are going into production this week, and I am still working on colors. Western Sport Shop in Santa Rosa has placed an order and should have them on the shelves by next week. Outdoor Pro Shop is looking at them and should make decision this week. You can also buy them direct. They are selling for about $8.75 for a package of 3. I worked really hard on making them swim like the real thing and was able get the action I was after. Check about the photos and give me call if you have any questions or would like to get some. Let me know what you think of it. Thanks for letting me get the word out.

P.S. for now we are stocking the following colors for imediate orders: Chart Shad, Threadfin Shad, Ghost Shad, Mardi Gras Shad, Black Hitch, and Neon Brown Hitch. The others will be special order 12 packs or more.

I just finished the Baby Bass and Rainbow Trout colors. These Photos don't do justice to how they really look. These baits unfortunately will have to be about $3.25 per bait. They are much more time consuming and use more material but they look great.


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Check this out. A little you tube test.

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Nice! i'll add to our blog

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nice work Rich,
Keep them coming.
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