I never fished a jig before and i got a gift certificate for outdoor pro shop i was wondering what type of jigs do u guy's throw say at like Sonoma, or Clearlake. I would like to learn how to catch fish with them but there is to much damn grass in the lakes around here, also u guy's use trailers on them? rattles also does it matter
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Yesterday, Deacon, his dad, cousin and I made it to Clear Lake for some fun fishing...The water was a foot numbing 49 degrees, but, we still picked up fish. I caught 3 nice fish on a spinner bait, slow rolling it just slow enough to make the blades turn, then we switched to live bait ... yes live bait. Deacon bought the first batch of 2 dozen, and we all caught fat bass, ranging from 2 pounds to 4 pounds. I had to go pick up 2 dozen more. The bite was on up there. It was amazing. Ive never fished minnows for bass. Little hook with a bobber ... The bobber would go crazy as the bass neared, and sometimes, the bass would porpoise out of the water going after the baits. I ended up with a total of 7 bass ... all nice and thick and very fat. It was a long day on the water, but some of the best fun Ive had up there. I cant wait to try this type of fishing in the spring and summer!
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where did you buy the bait?
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I bought the minnows at the little store at the corner just after you get off the hill going into clear lake ... The owner said he has had to go out and buy minnows for the store 3xs this week ... The minnow bite is on boys
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