well according to the state of california parks div. information dept. ilsanjo was drained inadvertently and they are hoping the spring rains will raise the level wtf.

pray for rain?
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I have an extra Okuma 8 foot X-Hvy swimbait rod for sale. If you want something tailor made for launching the big Hudds into the next zip code, this is the stick for you. I have two of them, and this one just sits in the garage. They sell for $99, but $80 will get it to you with only a few casts on it. Can pick up at Clear Lake, or I can bring it down to SR next time I head down there. PM me if interested.
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How would this be on throughing the small Slammer, and the Baitsmith? Does it have a soft tip? Is this the one with the split handle?

Thank you

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It is the split handle, with the pistol grip looking thing on the bottom grip. I wouldn't use it for Baitsmith or small Slammers. It would be like trying to cast a crappie jig with a flippin stick. This rod really is suited to bigger, heavier baits like the 8" Hudds, big Castaics, BBZ, R2S Kong and such.

Look at the MH Okumas for the Baitsmith and small Slammers. they match up really well. I threw the Baitsmith on the 7'6" HVY Okuma and thought it was too much rod, and the XH is miles ahead of the HVY in in power and stiffness.

If you are fishing the Shasta BNT thing this weekend at Clear Lake, Deacon is carrying it out there for someone to check out if you want to see and feel it.
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