next weekend the 27th of sept $10 or$ 15 person 6:00 to 1:00 at lake ralphine in howarth park I know we can get some good sized fish out of there little me know who is up for it

1. nick gaetano
2 rich caro
3. Anthony Crivelli If his live well gets done
4. Bill Sweatt is an maybe

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   The Outdoor Pro has made us an offer. In 2009 one member of the SCBBBC will catch the largest bass of the year. That skilled SCBBBC member will walk into the Outdoor Pro Shop empty handed. That same SCBBBC member will walk out with his choice of any G-Loomis bass fishing rod. You read it write, the SCBBBC member who lands the largest bass while fishing the 2009 SCBBBC tour will have his pick from all of the G-Loomis rods designed for bass fishing. This does exclude fly rods and Ocean rods. He can walk out with a entry level ultra light Loomis or he can walk out with a IMX Flipping stick.

    So next time one of you guys drop in to the Outdoor Pro Shop be sure to thank Ken for sporting our club and our sport.

Scbbbc Founder &  President "Fish fear Bass Tech Kickboats & Round Tubers" Want a new swim bait?
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That is AWSOME

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