next weekend the 27th of sept $10 or$ 15 person 6:00 to 1:00 at lake ralphine in howarth park I know we can get some good sized fish out of there little me know who is up for it

1. nick gaetano
2 rich caro
3. Anthony Crivelli If his live well gets done
4. Bill Sweatt is an maybe

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Man, I love to frog fish. My open water hook percentages are much better than when I first started. But I tell you what, a fish coming out of the mat? I get schooled 7 out of 10 times. I dunno, it just seems so hard to wait, and/or reel down then rip the lips off the fish when it looks like someone just threw a bowling ball at your bait. Just had to put it out there. I fished today at the Grove, caught some dinks on the fluke, but I got schooled out of the mats. Maybe i just need to break my rod every time I try to set the hook. Two Cents, that's all this is.

P.S.; Fishing a frog is still the best. My Buddy and I have a saying, if B**e Balls felt good, that would be frog fishing.
P.P.S.; Hopefully that's PG enough for the board.

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Somethin to try that I read a couple weeks ago is to work it with your rod tip to the side, then when you get the blowup, point your tip at the spot of attack before setting the hook. Can't remeber where I read it, but its worked well for me.
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i hook up on most of my frog fish at the grove now. when i miss, i tend to throw it right back or come back 15 minutes later and school him.

i think they zone in better like that.

long time ago i thought the fish were just blind at the grove.
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I'm actually doing the side thing like Jon. Easier to walk a frog in open water too. Puts a little more slack in the line and forces you to take the extra second or two to reel down. When a fish actually takes my frog (not counting the ones that toss the frog in the air!) my hook set percentage is probably 90%. I just don't miss much like I used to when I held the rod up high!

Good luck and try the side deal!

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