Okay here is the revise Team Tournament
The cost will be 40 per person/80 per team.   $5 per person will be taken out to cover expenses( trophies, permits, etc)

This will be a 5 fish limit per team

It will be 100% payout after expenses (so $35/person and $70 team will go directly to payout) with none going to SCBBBC club funds

All SCBBBC rules applied

Anyone can fish but if you want the points to count at the end of the series then you must fish with the same partner.  A to be determined prize or gift will be award to the top point team of the series. 

This Team Event Series will not count towards the SCBBBC TOC

Dates are the same

March 22-Beacon Harbor – The fees hear will not include the launch fee Beacon imposed on us.  Therefore you will be responsible for paying the $5 launch fee to Beacon. This is a NON running event

May 30-Clear Lake at the Clear Lake Oaks public launch.  If we get a runner’s permit then a new location will be set.  There will be an additional $5 charge per person for a release boat.

Sept 12-TBD

Any questions, I hope not and I hope this is fair for everyone.

I'm sure somebody will say if we get to run at Clear Lake are we going to have 6 fish instead of 5.  The answer is NO, it will be a five fish limit and as a team you will have to run together and fish in the same spot or not.  The rule still applys to a three fish limit when running.  You will be able to legally carry three and allow to drop in at the weigh in site.  You are only allow to move one time only if you decide to move with fish.  Then you and your partner can cull your best 5.  This must be done 200 yds from the weigh in site.  This is not a rule set in stone but it will be fair to the fish.  You can't just walk up to the ramp and toss in your smallest fish.  You must be legally in the water in your kick boat 200yds out to cull. If I see any team culling less than 200yds you will be Disqualified.  You can not cull in the parking lot and then give your fish to your teammate and then take off to let the little fish go.  If you end up putting your fish into your team cooler with more than three fish you will be disqualified.  The three fish rule only applies if we can run.  In other word you can five legal fish in the cooler at any given time but when it comes time to weigh in each cooler must have no more than three to the weigh in if running is allowed.

As long as you or you and your teammate is 200yds off shore to cull is fine even if you drop in and there's 5 minutes to go.  But all SCBBBC rule still applys and if you're not within casting distance you will be DQ.  You can literally get in the boat with no fishing pole, row out 200yds and cull would be fine.  Please no more reply about this is that... Just kidding any feedback is fine.

Scbbbc http://www.scbbbc.com/bassanglerprofiles/binhphi.htm
Top 5 bass 2017 
1. 10.13 Clear Lake
2. 7.6 Clear Lake
3. 6.14 Clear Lake
4. 4.2 Delta
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At the end of march, bait will no longer be allowed on the Russian until Nov. 1st.
SO, I have a bunch of really premium roe I cured. Most is from a RR fish I caught in January, some was from the Pro Shop and was really pricey. The cure was a basic salt/sugar/borax mixture which leaves a very natural looking and smelling roe.

Since there is a 90% chance I'm gonna have to bail to Texas by the 1st of May, I'll give this roe to any of you guys who want to freeze it and hold on to it until next season. (By the way, most of it is already frozen.)
All ya gotta do is wait until April 1st then come and get it... after we go fishin' at Yorty Creek!

First come, first served.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy."
Benjamin Franklin
"Whiskey you're the Devil"
Shane MacGowan
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