It's been a while and Dr. Julie Ball know the summer was hot so enjoy fellas....

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Trust me She has a Million of em, I mean a Million of EM!!!!!!

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For you guys who haven't tried this, I'm now wishing I didn't sell the majority of my Shimano's! His turnaround is awesome too!

His name is Dan Issac and I'm not sure how he did it but my 1 last old green Curado (11 years old) now feels better than new! I just used it this weekend for the first time since getting my reels back and the spool just spins and spins and I was able to cast effortlessly out on the delta. The drag also seems unreal smooth too!

Read his website but I believe he polishes some of the parts to enhance the performance.

I would highly recommend him as there has been no one who has done a better job of making my reel feel great. This includes Shimano itself.

I might have to buy a couple more Shimano's so I can use his service more!


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