It's been a while and Dr. Julie Ball know the summer was hot so enjoy fellas....

best of ball_5

best of ball_4

untitled image 7114

untitled image 7116

best of ball_7

best of ball_13

best of ball_14

best of ball_16

Trust me She has a Million of em, I mean a Million of EM!!!!!!

Think like a Professional, Act like a Professional, Fish like a professional, and people will treat you like a Champion.

(1962- 20??)
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looking for something under $250.

post or email me at



Fish Count 2012
1. 4.25 lber
2. 3.5 lber
3. 2 lber
4. 2 lber
5. 2 lber

2008 Scbbbc Rookie of the Year
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