All right all. Now that the regular season is over and all we have left is the T.O.C. we need to start setting up the 2010 season. We need your input on which lakes to fish to fish next year. We will be voting on these lakes at the Dec. meeting. So Lets get some ideas. here is a start.

 Feb.    C.L. 
 March  Delta    "Beacon-Team"
 April    Blues
 May    C.L.      "Open'
 June   Delta     "Whites Slough"
 July    Sonoma "Night-Team"
 Aug.   Delta     "Italian Slough"
 Sept.  Highland
 Oct.   C.L.       "Classic"
 Nov.   C.L.
 Dec.   C.L.       "T.O.C."
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  Eat, drink and catch fish. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you anglers.
The Caro's
Scbbbc Founder &  President "Fish fear Bass Tech Kickboats & Round Tubers" Want a new swim bait?
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Back at ya Rich! Happy Thanksgiving to all of you guys out there!

Top 5 fish of Ot Twelve
1. 7.42 Clearlake
2. 6.95 Clearlake
3. 6.2 Berryessa
4. 6.1 Clearlake
5. 5.11 Clearlake
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HAppy gobble gobble gobble day to you my extended fishing family!!!!

2011 Top 5 bass

1. 11.09 LMB Private pond
2. 9.1 LMB Private Pond
3. 7.1 LMB Clear Lake
4. 5.8 LMB Clear Lake
5. 4.0 Smallie Berryessa
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Today is the day to give thanks. Be thankful for the things you have, the people you love and thankful that you can help others with you time and skills when you can.

During the next year it would be really nice if we can try to do more charitable things as a club.  What can we do?

Wannabee Jim Reese Biggest Bass 2016 1. TBD 2. TBD 3. TBD 4. TBD 5. TBD
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happy thanksgiving to all,  one thing u can do as a club would be to go to some local lakes and help clean up all the garbage around it specially the fishing line.  I always try to throw away more garbage then i bring its not really charitable but it will eventually keep our fisheries open to us all if we were to keep them clean
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Happy Thanksgiving Guys from Virginia ....
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