I started off in an area in Lucerne that Travis showed me. Thanks Travis. I was hoping to find some late season weed beds that might still be holding fish. They were sparse and I never got touched at any of them. My first fish on day one came on a blade before the sun came up. It was only about 2 ½ pounds but a good start. I worked the shoreline and drop off until I got to an old broken down levy of sorts. I fished it with the blade cranks and jigs for nothing. I decided to hit a dock that holds quality fish but there was a boater on it so I worked my way down throwing an LV 500 until the boater left. I got there and picked up a good fish close to 4 on a jig. I saw a swirl in pretty shallow water by a piling and pitched my jig to it. Got thumped immediately and netted another fish just under 4 pounds. I continued down the lake a while hitting all the weeds I could find with jigs and the LV. Nothing happening. I decided to go back to the levy and try it again. Got thumped on the jig and culled my blade fish. That was my last bite on day one. I figured I had around 11 pounds which I hoped would have me in the top five.

Day two I started off throwing my blade and LV working my way down to the levy . I started hearing the whine of bass boats so I got on the oars and made for the levy before a boater could get there. It was much more productive on day two. On my second cast on the jig I got bit and netted a nice fish. I ended up with four fish off it before 7:00. I had two good fish but needed help for the third. I spent a good hour and a half dissecting the levy for nothing but one other bite. Started working my way down to the dock pitching in deepwater weeds with a jig and throwing the LV and swim bait as I made my way to the dock. Dom showed up and we talked a bit. I got on the oars and made my way to the dock. There had been at least two boaters camped on it so I was not sure how it would be. After a few minutes I felt a nice thump and set up on a decent fish but she came up jumping and came unbuttoned. I worked the dock for another half hour and decided to work my way back to the levy. I was hoping to get one more fish off it but no luck. I had and hour of fishing time left and decide I would only throw a swim bait for the rest of the day. On my third cast I got bit. It didn’t feel very big and wasn’t fighting much at all. As she got closer to the boat she decide to get hot and that’s when I realized she was a decent fish. I had forgotten to move my net from the pole holder after the last row so I reached back to get it and it was snagged in my drop shot weight. I lip the fish and just as I clamp on her the swim bait pops right off. Lucky me. She was my biggest fish of the day around four and a half. Three cast later I got another bump on the swim bait. I’m thinking cool, two bites in three casts. I fished the rest of the way back to the car with the swim bait but never got touched again.

I got back to Skylark and found out that it had been pretty tough on a lot of guys. Richie’s looking pretty smug and tells me he thinks he has close to 14. I do the math in my head and didn’t like the answer. Rich goes to get his fish and pulls a nice one out first. Yikes. His second was not as big and neither was his third. I’m thinking that maybe Rich was a little optimistic about his weight. At least I hoped so. He weighed in around 10 or so and it hit me that I think I just won the TOC.

I want to thank Steve and the rest of the officers for a great season and another fun TOC event. Thanks for picking out that cool trophy Steve. Congrats to all who made the TOC this year. Its tough to do with the quality of sticks we have in this club.


2008 Scbbbc Angler of the Year

2007 Scbbbc Co-Angler of the Year

2014 Top 5 bass

1 9.1 lbs The Pond Bobby's Perfect Frog
2 8.5 lbs The Pond Zoom Trick Worm
3 7.4 lbs The Pond Spro Lipless 
4 7.4 lbs The Pond Spro Lipless 
5 6.7 lbs The Pond Senko

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All right all. Now that the regular season is over and all we have left is the T.O.C. we need to start setting up the 2010 season. We need your input on which lakes to fish to fish next year. We will be voting on these lakes at the Dec. meeting. So Lets get some ideas. here is a start.

 Feb.    C.L. 
 March  Delta    "Beacon-Team"
 April    Blues
 May    C.L.      "Open'
 June   Delta     "Whites Slough"
 July    Sonoma "Night-Team"
 Aug.   Delta     "Italian Slough"
 Sept.  Highland
 Oct.   C.L.       "Classic"
 Nov.   C.L.
 Dec.   C.L.       "T.O.C."
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I say we try something new like Mendo...I know its got great fishing(pending on water lvl. Smallies and largies),good access for us to weigh in/park and it a new body of water that we havent been to in quite a few yrs! Maye that instead of Highland??

2011 Top 5 bass

1. 11.09 LMB Private pond
2. 9.1 LMB Private Pond
3. 7.1 LMB Clear Lake
4. 5.8 LMB Clear Lake
5. 4.0 Smallie Berryessa
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Feb,  Sonoma, "Tradition"
Mar,  Berriessa. "Usually good fishing"
April, Delta, Beacon, "Always good fishing"
May, CL, Open, "They have to deal with all the permits"
June, Merced (Team) Thinking out of the hat. 1-1/2hr drive too.
July,  Berriessa, (Night Team) "Doable and something new and exciting"
Aug,  Folsom, "Why not?"
Sept, Sonoma
Oct,  CL State Classic
Nov,  CL TOC

   Notice that I didn't list those small bodies of water. This is do to the fact that this club has grown so much that the quality of the location should always be considered. When we started the club the events went to Ilsanjo, but we have out grown that location a long time ago. And I bet if you ask, most will feel as if we have out grown Blue Lakes, Highland as we did Spring Lake.

  Lets break this down and keep in mind that we can never predict how the fishing really will be on a given day from one to the next. Now I picked Sonoma for Feb as it has became a tradition and it is one of the most local location to invite new members who are thinking of joining us at the very beginning of the year. It's also a new guy friendly area and fun to fish.

   Then it's off the Berriessa for some small mouth action. If we get some rain and the lake fills up some, this could be a great month for catching good smallies with a largie or two thrown in the mix. The launch area works for a big group as the second event of the year usually brings in a good field of anglers.

   Then Beacon Harbor is hard to beat for April when those toads come into Piper Slough and Franks to spawn. Just the thought of it makes me want to turn the calendar ahead. Once again, we have a great launch area for the clubs growth and we'll probably pick up one or two of the Bass-N-Tubes guys.

  Then in May the officers can all relax and let the B-N-T officers take over for one event. This is a no brainer.

  Then comes June and maybe an exciting change for the club. As our new President can take us to waters never fished by any float tube club. Merced in San Francisco can prove to be the spark to light some fresh locations for the SCBBBC. They plant trout there and it doesn't get as hammered by qualified kick boater near as much as any of the stops along the SCBBBC tour. I think this location should be considered. Also, it won't take any long for us to drive there then doe's the Delta. Heck, it might even be shorter for some of our members who live south of Sonoma County.

   Then there is the traditional night time team event in July. I love tradition, but I also like to break it once in a while. So I thought that Berriessa at night might be cool to try for the first time. Once again, this would be breaking new ground for a new President to take us some where under the stars we have not been too yet. Another great ramp, Capell cove spreads us out good. Most of it is a "No Wake Zone" The moon won't have to crest the high canyon near as much as Yorty before shining on us. If you look at the numbers from Yorty at night, they haven't been that good. Hmmmm, just a thought.

   Now Folsom was just a wild thought. I have never been there and I know nothing about it and that's exactly why I'm picking it. Maybe someone can chime in on Folsom. Maybe it has a public ramp in an area sort of like Capell cove? Let's get some feed back on Folsom.

  Sept I pick Sonoma as I feel that Yorty needs to be fished by the club as it nears the fall. Instead of going to one of the smaller locations and everyone fishing on top of each other, lets nail Yorty as the weather begins to change. Maybe we'll catch some bigger fish. Who knows? Make it a early bird event where we blast-off at 4 or 5 AM.

  Then Oct goe's without saying as it's time to think about real bass fishing on a real bass fishing lake, Clear Lake, SCBBBC State Classic. Remember we don't have an events permit for 2010 and we can't have more then 50 anglers legally.

  Then it's the TOC in November at Clear Lake as tradition has always been for two days. Notice I chopped out the extra date we usually put just before the TOC. This event could be reserved for one of the three"Team Tour" events.

   So there's my picks for the SCBBBC 2010 tour and why I would like to go to these location. I have always felt that fun fishing locations make for a fun club to join. The tour locations are what make for a great tour and a season that a lot of anglers will want to fish. If you put 3 events at Blue Lakes and 3 more at Highland Springs and slip one Spring Lake in there, you'll have small turn outs. Just my 2 cents. There's one thing for sure. where ever we go, I'll be fishing my hardest to put keepers in my Bucksbag live well.



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thanks for the input Rich, I do like the explanaition break down it helps

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3 delta
4 clear lake

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well, now that i think i will be able to fish a season with the club...i will give my input...

lets take out blues and highland.  I feel that as the club decided on with spring lake, it should be felt that blues and highland are too small.  I know people love these two lakes cause they produce great fishing.  When there are less than 10 people in the water, i feel there great places to fish.  But the fact is that we are passing up both CL and Sonoma on the highway to get to these places where everyone will just play leap frog. 

I like the idea of a new lake.  I think that Mendocino is not a bad idea.  I have always seemed to catch some keepers there.  I however think the water level is too low.  Although it makes it great as you will not have any boats or many lice on the water to stir stuff up. 

I think ukiahjon would agree with me here, but Pillsbury is great.  far less fishing than CL gets, and is stocked with trout .  I think this would be a great march, april type lake.  Jon can correct me if im wrong, or anybody else with more experience up there.

I think two should be done at sonoma, and the rest divided between the delta and CL.  Richy's idea of merced might be fun.  However i have no experience on the water and dont know it well as a fishery.

Also, we cant forget Berry.  Sometimes i guess they jack up the prices for permits, but we did see a HUGE fish thank to noah there.
so in no special order....

2 delta
4 cl
2 sonoma
1 pillsbury/mendo/merced
1 berry

Lake Calvi 4 Life
Biggest Fish 2012
1.) 3.5 Frog (Sanjy)
2.) 3.5 Wakebait (Mendo)
3.) 3.0 Frog (Sanjy)
4.) 3.0 Frog (Sanjy)
5.) 2.5 Frog (Sanjy)
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what about folsom and oroville?
Fish Count 2012
1. 4.25 lber
2. 3.5 lber
3. 2 lber
4. 2 lber
5. 2 lber

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If we are willing to travel to Folsom or Orville you may as well go to Castaic, or how bout a road trip to Falcon!!! You got the gas.

I have to agree with Barrett on this one, I think we have grown out of Highland and Blue Lakes. Not only did Blue Lakes let us down with a fish count but its also a pain in the butt to launch and use the scales with a decent sized crowd. Here is my list...

February-Clear Lake
March-Delta Beacon
May-Clear Lake
June-Delta Whites
July-Sonoma Night Team
August-Clear Lake
September-Delta Italian
December-TOC Clear Lake
Top 5 fish of Ot Twelve
1. 7.42 Clearlake
2. 6.95 Clearlake
3. 6.2 Berryessa
4. 6.1 Clearlake
5. 5.11 Clearlake
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Man I am getting pumped already. I would defiantly like to fish some new water, one thing that I worry about, especially in our rough economy, is getting people who would go to lakes like Folsom, Orville and the Red River. That would also be a pretty brutal pre fish.  I would have to agree that the first tourney should be a water fairly close to home.  After talking to a couple guys in the club it sounds like we should use our November tourney as a pre fish for the TOC.  Plus if you looked at the results of the tourneys up there this weekend the bass are feeding up right now.  I questioned even putting the Clear lake Oaks night tourney down as a suggestion because of the drive for most people.  Fishing Blue Lakes and Highland Springs this year was brutal when it came to fishability, I saw and heard a lot of frustration over the lack of fishable water.  I guess this is a good thing, we are getting bigger and we need to adjust to bigger bodies of water.  I have never fished Pillsbury or Merced, but ever since I saw Jon Graves toad I have been dying to get up there.  

March-Delta Beacon-Team
May-Clear Lake
June-Delta Whites
July-Sonoma Night Team/ Or Clear Lake Oaks?
August-Clear Lake
September-Delta Italian
October-Classic(Clear Lake)
December-TOC Clear Lake

"The formula is this, we go out and we hit bass in the mouth!"
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since I`ll be fishing for sure next year here`s my input.

February-berryessa,one of the few places this time of the year where you can catch a limit
March-sonoma,usually pretty decent for most this time of the year
April-beacon harbor,pigs all over this area this time of year
May-Clear Lake bnt open
June-highland always a fun one
July-clearlake Night Team, much better than sonoma at night.
August-blue lake,i promise alot of catchable fish and maybe make it only at the clear one for more room?
September-Delta whites,i remeber about 3 yrs back or so we fished here this time of year and it was a fun day for most.
October-clearlake classic
November-Clear,no explanation needed.
December-TOC Clear Lake

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I say we hit berry in Late march or april  my two cent

March-Delta Team
may-clear open
June-white slough
July-Clear Lake night team
August-Sonoma nights
Sept-Delta Italian
Oct-Clear classic
Top 5 bass 2017 
1. 10.13 Clear Lake
2. 7.6 Clear Lake
3. 6.14 Clear Lake
4. 4.2 Delta
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Just my thoughts for the 2010 season!!!

March-San Pablo
May B-N-T Clear Lake
July-Barry (night tourny)
Aug-Clear Lake
Oct-Clear Lake (classic)
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just keep in mind when picking clear lake that its going to cost more to fish it. for one tourny your looking at $55 to fish it. release boat might go up in price and mussel sticker every month.
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April-Delta Team
may-clear open
June-white slough
July-Clear Lake night team
August-Sonoma nights
Oct-Clear classic
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The TOC in December has always cramped a lot of peoples holiday plans. Lots of people get there tree the first weekend and then there's Christmas parties. This is why the TOC is in November.

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