We are going to have a T-shoot there this weekend. We need to figure out a Blast off time and weigh-in. I think at the meeting we decided to carpool from the 7-11 on Lakeville Hwy in Petaluma.

Im thinking that maybe do a 20.00 buy in with a winner take all?

What do you guys think bout times??

Hey Rich if you are coming can we use your scale? If not does anyone have a good hand held for people that are going. We would need a bag to weigh the fish in...

2011 Top 5 bass

1. 11.09 LMB Private pond
2. 9.1 LMB Private Pond
3. 7.1 LMB Clear Lake
4. 5.8 LMB Clear Lake
5. 4.0 Smallie Berryessa
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We had a good final meeting to end the 2009 season.  Everyone who showed submitted there votes for next years lakes and we will look to have these schedule posted ASAP. 

We heard from our AOY Jon Bird on his victory at Blue Lakes and his march to taking the AOY title.  Steve presented Jon with a killer AOY Trophy, we will have to see what we can come up to match it next year.  Steve also presented Matt Nyiri with his sweet ROY trophy.

We then heard the from our 1st and 2nd place winners at the TOC. Congratulations again to Dave the the Victory.

Finale we voted on the officers who will take the club through the 2010 season. They are as follows: Noah Stevens President, Jon Bird VP,  Mike Ayers Treasurer, DJ Von Bima TD, and rounding out the team Martin Carreon as the Asst TD.

Next year is a Charity year for the club, Marc Harrison came up with a great idea to send care packages to our troops over sea's.

Deacon had an great idea to try to have guest speakers for some of our meetings next year. We are hopefully going to have a speaker talk about fishing swim baits at our February meeting.

Next year we will be changing the dead fish penalty to a half a pound.  This is consistent with other tournament standards.

One thing that was asked of the members, is to look over the rules and to PM Jon Bird if you have anything you feel needs to be looked at.

I am attaching the membership form.  You can send it to Noah Stevens, 2331 Donna Maria Way, Santa Rosa, Ca 95401.

I again want to thank everyone for the support and am looking forward to having a lip ripping 2010 season. 

"The formula is this, we go out and we hit bass in the mouth!"
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A big thanks to all the members who stepped up as officers! Should be great season.

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     WOW, another year under the bridge for the Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club. This was our 26th year and it shows no signs of slowing as we have some great guys stepping up to take the club forward. Thank's guys for stepping up. I'm looking forward to the new 2010 season and to seeing every one on the water. I met a lot of new anglers this year and made some new friends. I also look forward to meeting some new anglers and watching the new guys from 09 march up the standings in 2010.

   Remember to always introduce yourself to float tubers and kick boaters while your out on the water. Spread the word "SCBBBC" and lets keep the club growing. We might have out grown some of the small bodies of waters we fished in the past, but the larger bodies of water have a lot more to offer a club such as our's.

   Don't forget to always support the Bass-N-Tubes club too. Try to schedule a few of there events into your 2010 season. They will offer some new bodies of water that most of us have never even seen. I know that more often then not, when I fish somewhere Iv'e never been I usually kick bass. The reason for it is that I just go out and fish. The Bass-N-Tubes club is as well organized  and fun to fish as the SCBBBC. I'll be fishing a few of there events and hope to see more SCBBBC there too.

Thanks again Noah, Jon, Mike, DJ and Martin for stepping up.

Scbbbc Founder &  President "Fish fear Bass Tech Kickboats & Round Tubers" Want a new swim bait?
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Thanks guys for stepping up and I hope to show my face a few times next year as well. I'll do my best to help out and plan on throwing a few lures your way!

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Top 5 bass 2012 / Days on water - / Total Hours Fished -
1. 6.47 lbs - Delta - Senko - Largemouth
2. 5.94 lbs - Delta - Moto Jig - Largemouth
3. 5.13 lbs - Clear Lake - Moto Jig - Largemouth
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I cleaned up the membership application tonight and have a pdf copy that I can send to you or Mike as an attachment if you wish. I am putting some of my daughter's instructions to work!

Thanks for everybody who stepped in as officers. 2010 will be a rippin year!

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That would be great Walt! Thank you! I will be sure to bring them to the first meeting as well as the Outdoor Pro Shop!
"The formula is this, we go out and we hit bass in the mouth!"
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CatchemCaro wrote:


Thanks again Noah, Jon, Mike, DJ and Martin for stepping up.

No Problem Rich! Can't wait until next year...

When do we know what lakes were fishing next year?
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2010-days on the water-61 /bass caught so far-375
1.- 8.03 pounds-grannies pond-crankbait!!!
2.-7.33 pounds-grannies pond-dropshot!
3.- 6.03 pounds-grannies pond-dropshot!!!
4.-5.03 pounds-my grannies pond-frog!!! yeee!
5.- 4.59 pounds-daddy's pond-crankbait!!!
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I need an e-mail address to send the file. The e-mailer on websitetoolbox won't accept this size file.

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Hey Walt-

and as far as the schedule, we are going to do our best to get it out ASAP. On a sidenote I contacted the rep at lake Berryessa and he said he would on charge us $75-$100 for the permit, not the $250 we thought!
"The formula is this, we go out and we hit bass in the mouth!"
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For an event your size with cash awards. You would fall under the $100 permit. BNT has the same option.

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Revised application form in pdf sent to you Noah.

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