Here it is finally. The last episode of "How To Make A Live-well"
For those of you that don't have a live-well yet I hope these short you tube videos help.

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anyone been to little old roberts lake latley? was thinking bout going there in the morning if the weather stables.. are the bass spawning there yet?
if my old lady's bitchin.. im going fishin!!
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it should be well over by now
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There are fish still on beds there, walked it yesterday and saw a couple pigs, too bad no rod on me.

Kevin Marcheschi

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went out there about a week ago. Caught a 5,4,and a 1, caught the 4 on a bed, took for ever though, was the only bed fish i saw, caught the 5 on the rocks, full of eggs

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I walked it last week as well.  Didn't go on the Golf Course side but talked with others seeing Bass on beds on the Golf Course side.  Sure looked like they were bed fishing.

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