If you guys are planning on staying at M&M for the BNT Open please post your name here ASAP. If I can get a list of all of you who are planning on camping that weekend (Friday and Saturday night) I can get us a discount. I need to know the next day or so. Please post up if you are in need of a site!!!!

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   Today I dusted of the mountain bike and road up to Sanj. What a great ride. The legs felt great and I grannied it all the way up canyon trail. The grass is green and the creeks are all flowing still. The ditch's on the side of the road are still filled with water. I even found what I have always called a Horse Hair. They are like a piece of spaghetti that is only thinner and it moves. The wild flowers are totally blooming and the sun was great. When I crested the hill I could see that the lake was full to the brim. It was like a breath of fresh air to me to see that the water had been going over the road. I walked the shore and and found spawners and saw lots of small bass and bluegills in the shallows. I also was able to see fry swimming around. I walked around the lake twice and was just in my high heaven.

     I think I'll be putting on a turkey shoot up there next weekend. This is where it all started and I can't wait to get on the water in my round tube while she's over flowing like days of old. I'm sure the fishing will be tough and there will probably only be small ones caught if any. The flipping should be the trick, but who knows. I'm setting the Ilsanjo turkey shoot for this coming Saturday. Check-in at 6:00AM on the dam Blast-off at 6:20ish or if we all are already in the water. $21.00 buy in and winner take almost all. We go to the middle of the lake and I'll blast us off from there. One dollar will go to who ever catches the first fish. This is how it was done back in the day. Who ever catches the first 12" keeper simply yells it to the rest of us. 1st place big fish will get a delta craw CatchemCaro Uncle Manny Minnow. 1st place for the turkey shoot will also get a CatchemCaro bait. It's a color not listed. I call it the white flake. It's white with blue flake.

     I don't expect many if any of you to make the trek and I totally understand, but this old dude will be there weather permitting. If it's totally rainy weather we'll put it off for a sunny day. I figure we'll fish to 2:30PM.
I hope to see at least one of you guys there. This will give you a small taste of what it was like for the pioneers of the SCBBBC as they where the guys who made the trek in the dark to catch Sanj bass. I think Bill Sweet and Mike Boggs are the only active current SCBBBC members who remember these old Sanj days. So find a round tube and fish a real float tube tournament at the Wholly Grail, Lake Ilsanjo. I can't wait to start the hike. All fish will be weighed in while we are in the water. We will also be taking lot's of pictures and some group pictures too if we have a group.


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how long is the hike? im guessin you hafta use tubes? lend me one and i would go.
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Its a good 40-45 minute walk up the hill
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ahh piece of cake i used to some brutal 4 mile hikes to kent lake. well 1 brutal, 1 mello, both 4 miles.
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I'm in!!

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Never fished there, will have to give it a whirl in a few months

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sounds like fun rich, ive never fished alsanjo but i have seen it before, if i can get a belly boat before saturday id definitly be down

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I will be there.  The hike is about 20 minutes if you use the secret access spot!!. I am going to break out the old U Boat.  
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I hiked up there a month ago for the first time and got skunked. It looks fun for a tube.
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Looking forward to this!!!
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Come on guys!!!
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I`d like to but I`ve got baseball saturday and mothers day sunday.

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i would love too, however I have a salmon trip planned.  Plus there is the Human Race Event planned that day.  thats atleast 2,000 people in Spring Lake and its surrounding areas between runners and event staff.  parking might be a B*T*H.

have fun, i love that place!!!!
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