Ok so I have fished Fountain Grove and caught 3 fish and none at Foothill( are any Bass here ?) or Riverfront in my 3 weeks of Bass fishing. My little fishing buddy(6) is getting discouraged with FG since he hasn't caught a crawdad or Bluegill there in a few trips. He really wants to catch a Catfish , and I don't want to have him get discouraged to the point of not wanting to go so I need a spot that I can "practice casting" and he can catch something/anything. May try the laguna near Sebastopol Monday. This is my list of places to try out: Laguna, Nicassio, Stafford and Soulajule. Are any of these places good for myself and more importantly can my little buddy catch anything from these spots ? Thanks guys for any suggestions. Also heard of a pond near the SSU campus. Is this fishable ?

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I was just about to head out to F.G the other day when I grabbed my baitcaster to retie the hook on it. When I hit the button to free the spool my line would not come out freely. I pulled my line and the spool would barely budge and make this nasty scratching noise when it turned. The handle also will not turn. It is a Abu Garcia 6500C3. I am realy bummed about this because it is my only baitcast reel. If anyone knows where I can get it fixed or tell me how to fix it, that would be awsome. But at the moment it looks like I'm going to have to catch some monsters at F.G Thursday on my spinning setups haha.
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