My name is Gunther and a fanatic floattube fisherman.
I am from Belgium(europe) and always go fishing in the Netherlands on freshwater lakes and rivers.
next year I want ot go on a fishvacation if possible with the bellyboat.
canada is my dream,but if there is something else no problem.who knows what the option are?   this is who I am.
thx anyway
grts Gunther

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I was wondering where i can get my duckett rod fixed, i popped the top guide insert out...

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The pro shop replaces eyes.  Im not sure if they have the micros or not though.  Seems like its less than 5 bucks for the tip.

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5 6.7 lbs The Pond Senko

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I thought so, i will have to check and see if they will do micros.
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