The 27th annual SCBBBC State Classic will be held at Clear Lake on October 23rd & 24th 2010. This is an open tournament, open to anyone that wants to fish. Please post your name here so we can add you to the event. Classic Flyer


Classic Details:


Free camping at state park group area “A” there is a vehicle charge of $8 dollars to park each day. We have the site reserved for Friday and Saturday.


Entry Fee: $60 dollars

Limit: 4 fish Limit each day
Running: Please see rule #28 about livewells and running

Registration: Friday night and Saturday morning at check in.


Saturday Check-in: 4:30 – 5:00 am State Park Boat Ramp
meeting at ramp 5:15am Then blast off……


Saturday Weigh in: 2:30pm at State Park Boat Ramp.


Sunday Check-in: 4:30 – 5:00 am State Park Boat Ramp
meeting at ramp 5:15am Then blast off……


Sunday Weigh in: 2:00pm at State Park Boat Ramp.


Awards Ceremonies Sunday: 3:00pm at the Group Camp Site “A” Trophies and Free Bucks Bag Kickboat give-a-way


Saturdays Activities: 4:00pm Free BBQ at the camp ground. Burgers and Hot Dogs. Please feel free to bring anything else you would like to share with others at the BBQ.


Saturdays Activities: 6:00pm Huge Raffle! Here’s a list of what we have to Raffle this year…..


3-4 bass Rods – Skeet, Dobyns
2 Reels – Skeet, other

2 Minn kota Trolling Motors
1 Jimmy Reese Day on Clear Lake guide trip

4 JSJ hand crafted baits

1 FlowMaster exhaust system

30 Catchem Caro Baits – Uncle Manny & Henrietta’s

1 Browning float tube and Fins

4 Rago Swimbaits

Camel Back
Trokar Hooks
Little Creeper Baits
Monster Jigs
Bear Republic Brewery: Dinner and Lunch certificates

5- Bottles of Wine
Big Hammer Baits
Snake Bite Spinner baits
Mind it
Persuader Baits
Lucky Craft
Yamamoto Baits
Eagle Claw
3 - $50 outdoor proshop gift cards

and More!

1. Noah Stevens
2. DJ Von Bima
3. Jon Bird
4. Mike Ayers
5. Anthony Crivelli
6. Mitch Teman
7. Chris Quinones
8. Josh Peterson
9. Deren Kozenko
10. Steve Ah Nin
11. Bill Badding
12. Michaela Paul
13. Rich Caro
14. Craig Huffman
15. Dave Brown
16. Mike Casey
17. Mike Williams
18. Anthony Monraz
19. Bryan Vogt
20. Matt Nyiri
21. Walt Searway
22. Rob Linden
23. Joe Agrillo
24. Bill Sweatt
25. Chris Lapoint
26. Andy Mercado
27. Robert Middleton
28. Adam Duran
29. Fabian Vasquez
30. John Hatfield
31. Scott Beem
32. Jered Brendal
33. Jordan Brendal
34. Randy Kidd
35. Jon Graves
36. Dan Chester
37. Albert Battaglia
38. Marc Harrison
39. Martin Carreon
40. Binh Phi
41. Doug Tyler
42. Steve Lynch
43. Sean Henderson
44. Taylor Capilla
45. Matt Ludwig
46. Noah Salazar
47. Carson Riley
48. Dave Sternitzke
49. Christen Burns
50. Billy Sackett


Scbbbc Treasurer Webmaster/Club Stats

2017 SCBBBC Angler of the Year
2006 SCBBBC Angler of the Year
2006 BNT Angler of the Year
2010 SCBBBC Angler of the Year


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For those coming up thursday i have movet to the group site. The more that show up the cheaper it is going to cost. Come strait to the site and see me. I am here for the rest of the day.
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awesome, I will be there with my tent, its pretty big, sleeps 4, so if anyone wants to use it to get out of the rain .... NO SNUGGLING!

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