This is a cry for help for my Scbbbc brothers. Alot of you know my Dad personally and know what a good soul he is. As many of you know my Dad fought and beat the big C last year. Well he finally after being free of it decided he had the strength to get back out on the water. He missed kickboating so much after not fishing for nearly 1.5 yrs.

So he was ready to go and found that his kickboat had been Vandalised. Someone on put a 8 inch slit into his pontoon. I got ahold of Rich and Rich(BTW Rich your new Beanie is ready to go) gave me all the contact info to get the boat taken care of. Now here is the cry for help. My dad still has over $100k  in Medical bills to pay for out of his own pocket and doesnt think that it is feesable to cover getting a new pontoon(not the boat just pontoon) for a long while with medical bills piling in.

I talked it over with Dj to make sure it was OK to do this first but I would like to see if anyone of you out there would like to donate a little cash to help him buy a new pontoon and get the old man back on the water. Anything would help. Please consider this guys and let me know what you can do.

Thanks alot guys.

2011 Top 5 bass

1. 11.09 LMB Private pond
2. 9.1 LMB Private Pond
3. 7.1 LMB Clear Lake
4. 5.8 LMB Clear Lake
5. 4.0 Smallie Berryessa
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It is here,
  Our first trip to the Delta this year and it looks like its gonna be a good one. Warmer weather and better looking sky's. So lets see what we can do. The area has kicked out some big fish over the past few weeks.

  Carpool if you can guys. Watch out on Hwy 12 between Travis A.F.B. and Rio Vista. Its a double fine zone and the CHP is on the lookout.
   Remember that when you get in the water dont drift to far from the launch site. If we spread out to far the T.D. will bring us back and launch us one at a time after everyone gets a livewell check.

 Here is the Skinny.
 Sat. April 16th

 Check-In: 5:30 a.m. to 6 a.m.
 Launch:    6:30 a.m.
 Weigh-In: 3:00 p.m.

1. D.J. Von Bima
2. Mike Ayers
3. Andy Mercado
4. Scott Beem
5. Craig Huffman
6. Dave Brown
7. Mike Casey
8. Mario Ugenti
9. Chris LaPoint
10. Rolando Villanueva  
11. AC Crivelli
12. Dave Sternitzke
13. Chris Quinones
14. Noah Stevens
15. Matt Nyiri
16. Josh Peterson
17. John Hatfiels
18. Trevor Larsen
19. Dave Mitchell
20. Deren kozenko
21. Joe Agrillo
22. Christian Burns
23. Rich Caro
24. Nate Albers
25. David Monteiro
26. Jered Brendel
27. Jordan Brendel
28. Carson Riley
29. Adam Duran
30. Marcus
31. Anthony Lunares
32. John Bird
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Craig Huffman
David Brown
Mike Casey


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2013 - Top 5 Bass:
1. Largemouth Bass - 4.42 lbs - Berryessa
2. Largemouth Bass - 3.75 lbs - Clear Lake
3. Largemouth Bass - 3.5 lbs - Delta
4. Largemouth Bass - 3.0 lbs - Berryessa
5. Largemouth Bass - 2.75 lbs - Delta

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Mario Ugenti be there.

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Add me to the list.
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I'll be there.


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Top 5 fish of Ot Twelve
1. 7.42 Clearlake
2. 6.95 Clearlake
3. 6.2 Berryessa
4. 6.1 Clearlake
5. 5.11 Clearlake
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2007 Scbbbc Co-Angler of the Year

2014 Top 5 bass

1 9.1 lbs The Pond Bobby's Perfect Frog
2 8.5 lbs The Pond Zoom Trick Worm
3 7.4 lbs The Pond Spro Lipless 
4 7.4 lbs The Pond Spro Lipless 
5 6.7 lbs The Pond Senko

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Bucket Mouth
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I am in, going to try a bring Darrell H as well.
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I'll be there!

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2013 SCBBBC Angler of the Year
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im there

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I hope to be there weather permitting 
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Trevor Larsen and Dave Mitchell will be there
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count me in!

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Add Nate Albers on the list please, should be a good time
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