I have a CatchemCaro Bait for the closest to guessing the winning weight at the US Open next weekend...2 day total!

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First and foremost I want to thank Bnt for putting on a awesome tourney. It was so much fun. Despite the little bump in the road, Rob, Taylor and all the BnT officers really stepped up and ran a good show. Also a huge thank you to those of you who stepped down so some of us could fish it. Mark..well what can I say bout Mark. You put on a fantastic BBQ. Thank you to EVERYONE who made the grub soooo good. Carson awesome of you to bring the drinks.

So my Day 1 was good. I had a plan in my head but initially didnt stick to it. I rowed out to RC pole fished there for bout 45 min for nada. Rowed over to anotehr rock pile i knew of looking for some post spawners. But as I was fishing it felt like the dead sea. Met up with Josh P for a few minutes and still wasnt "feeling it" out where I was. Hoped on oars and rowed alllllll the way into the keys. Got to my key that I wanted to fish and within 10 min first fish in the well. 15 min later fish 2. Went for another 1 hr or so and picked up #3. at this time I had 2 fish over 4 and my dink 2lber. I kept going jazzed that things were clicking for me. Got my limit soon after and knew I had to cull out my 2lbers. Couple casts later and I got my 5lber. I decided right then and there to call it a day as I was sitting with over 20lbs(ended up with 23lbs).I didnt want to beat up my Key as I knew I was going to go back there on day 2.  Rowed in and relaxed with Scottie B and Laura.

Day 2. I went back to my same key and threw same senko in basically the sam place. within minutes of arriving first fish goes in to the well. 30 min later 2nd fish goes into the well. All the fish so far were in the same style of places and on day 1. I ended up getting bit 3 more times and lost all 3. Lost in Primrose, bad hook set adn 1 break off. I knew as I lost the 3rd fish that the win and time was slipping away quickly. I fished as hard as I could, did what I could and had as much fun as I could.

I was throwing mainly a senko wacky rigged with a small nail weight on a Moto Hook(AWESOME HOOKS TODD) and a frog. I did have a really good fish roll on the frog. Had a few blow ups on the frog but nothing stuck. All senko fish!!

Awesome win again for Carson. You really are a helluva stick.

Thank you all for making my Dad feel so special. He told me yesterday how much he missed all of you and loves you all and the club!


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Tough luck Deacon, you had a he!! of a bag day one and that is something to be proud of. Your day 2 was much like my day 1, I could not get a fish to stick for the life of me! I had a ton of bites but they just didnt want to eat it. 23 pounds on the first day is still something to be proud of!

Top 5 fish of Ot Twelve
1. 7.42 Clearlake
2. 6.95 Clearlake
3. 6.2 Berryessa
4. 6.1 Clearlake
5. 5.11 Clearlake
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Good job, D
I know just how you feel. The last time I fished the Open I had a fat 20+ lb sack on day one but then got brutalized on day two.
Take care, bro.
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OUTSTANDING!!!!!   You said it yourself, you jinksed yourself!!!  good bag day one!!! you'll get  it again.

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