I was woundering if anyone wanted to do an evening turkey shoot on the fountain grove thursday. $10 buy in 12" minimum 5pm to 8pm. Whos up for it?

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Trying to locate a used kickboat to buy...  Need one so I can join the club!!  Obviously needs to be in good working order (no frame/oar lock issues, no punctures in pontoons, etc).  Would be super cool if there was already a rod rack attached!!  Would be willing to fork out anywhere from Free (lol) to $450ish for a good deal.  
Favorite techniques: Punching/flipping jigs & plastics, frogs/topwater, dropshot

1~ 9lb 14oz  Spring Drop shot,  2~ 5lb 4oz Clear Pit Boss,  3~ 4lb 1oz Spring Drop shot,  4~ 3lb 13oz Clear Drop shot,  5~ 3lb 10oz Clear Frog
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have you tried looking on craigslist? i know there are a couple on there now

if at first you dont succeed keep on suckin till you do succeed - curly joe

top 5 fish for 2013
1- 7.00 riverfront crankbait
2- 5.08 riverfront henrietta
3- 5.00 spring spinnerbait
4- 4.15 riverfront crankbait
5- 3.15 spring spinnerbait
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Listed today in Sacramento's Craigslist is a Bucks Bag Alpine for 375.00.

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Water Skeeter for sale in East San Jose 250$ or o.b.o.  dude said he would throw in a 30 lbs thrust trolling motor for 310$  thats a pretty good deal.   On craigslist
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