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Alright all,

  I was in a rush and i needed stuff fast. I called up Hi's yesterday around 1 and I got the stuff today. Hi's is one of our sponsors and we need to support them more. I believe we get a 10% discount on our stuff (AC chime in here).  They will be getting a list of all members tonight so call them up and order stuff tomorrow. When you do ask for Michelle. She is an awsome lady and she will pull your order right there while on the phone with you. Just tell them your name and your with the Sonoma County Belly Boaters and they will get it done.

  That is all,


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Yep 10% off for all club members in shop, over the phone or online. I know a few of you have gone in and others have ordered via phone or online. They are good people and they like supporting our club so if you can please support them. For a small shop they have everything you need and a lot of stuff you can't find anywhere else. Give them a try, you will not be disappointed!
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