I'm thinking about getting a new crank-bait rod and I just wanted to see what brand and model people typically like. I think I'd mostly be throwing shallow-medium depth baits. I've been looking at the St.Croix Mojo or Powell Inferno, but any recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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During the open an anglers integrity was questioned and i feel the need to clear things v.p. of the club its my resposibility as an officer to look into any infractions that another angler may / or may not have commited  during the tournie. i was approched by another angler about a POSSIBLE infraction by a contestant. i also had one unfounded question my self.  ( all that were there know of this) i was asked to have the issue looked into. i approched the open president about the issue on sat.I was trying to do my job as v.p.... I MUST TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE  issues we had. knowing this angler very well... i now wish i would have approched him personally first!!!, and get his story first before talking to bnt prez. when asked by the prez if i wanted push the issue and file a protest... i said no , because i have no definate proof of the issue which was breached by other angler, and mine was a unfounded issue. rumors got spread through out the weekend and feelings and integrity were questioned.  as v.p. i should have handled it differently . my appoligies to the angler in question !!!! I respect him as an angler, as he is a very skilled angler, and a great competitor. it  will be a learning experience for me.  hopefully this can be reconciled and rumors forgotten. once again... my apology to you all!!!
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Takes a big man to write what you did. [thumb]
"Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens." Jimi Hendrix
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i agree Deren, very big of you! i dont remember spreading the rumor to anyone, but i was ready to jump on the rumor bandwagon when i heard you and another member talking about it, so, my apologies also to the angler in question
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didn't hear anything, but I full confidence in our officers and you Deren as a person and VP to handle it. 
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Wow Daren!....very stand up of you!
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To make it clear to all. I am not even close to mad about what was brought up originally, however I was very upset and felt VERY disrespected in the way it was handled. If someone does not know the rules, and they have any concern they should ABSOLUTELY bring it up to the officers.

My issue was that once it was brought up, it should have went to an officer, then to the TD. A chain of command should have been followed, as a past VP and officer I had to deal with similar issues as well. I obviously did not break any rules, and was allowed to run. But when you have a person start a rumor to non officers, it spreads like wildfire, and makes everyone feel uncomfortable, and likely pissed. I was called by several people stating that things were getting out of hand, due to the way it was brought up and shared around. I take this very seriously, and if my integrity is questioned, you better believe I will have a direct say in the matter, as well confront the person(s) escalating it. I learned to fish in this club, and take a lot of pride in still fishing with the club and being completely open about how and what I do when I catch fish in order to pay it forward to the people still learning in an effort to keep the learning part in the club that I have gained so much knowledge from through out the years.

Deren, if you think I came off too harsh, I apologize for that. But if this was turned the other way around, I would assume being a man of character your feelings on the matter would not differ much. I appreciate what you posted here to clear it up, but unfortunately I was already quite irritated when I contacted you.

If anyone else has any "issues" on the running, please direct them to the officer's and have them initiate a vote to change the rules if you so choose, and not go war mongering amongst members just because you don't understand or know the rules.......This is not Baltimore.......

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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