Well i would like to let everone know that Laura, Tucker and I are moving to Montana. We made this decision back in December. We found a wonderful piece of property in the mountains near Glacier National Park. Laura and I have always wanted to own land and now we have that opportunity.
We just sold our house here in Windsor. We will be out of here in about 3 to 4 weeks. The are several other reasons we are leaving Californis but I wont get into that here. We are also doing tuis moclve for our health. Our lifestyle also fits better in the Montana enviroment verses here in Cali. So there is an open invite to anyone that would like to go do some amazing trout fishing or hunting if your ever in the area.
So now the club might have to find a new cook!!!! My hope is to come back during the classic. We are going to kinda plan our vacations in or around the classic. I have met some wonderful people here in this club. This is one thing that both Laura and I will miss. I have learned alot and gained friends along the way and I thankyou for all of the fun times.
The best part of leaving California is going to be seeing it in my rear view mirror!!!!!
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Saturday 25th Putah Canyon Campground Launch

Check in @ Ramp 5:30-6:00am
Blast Off 6:30 
Weigh-in 3:30pm
Fee $40.00

$10 Dollar Launch Fee at Gate

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