And it's already a heated start. To make it even more exciting, and a prize on the horizon to chase after.
The 2017 AOY will receive the following at this point, and maybe more.

Simms Jacket with your name and AOY 2017 embroidered.

A custom quality rod, that represents our club, paired with a shimano reel which will either be a chronarch/ or a metanium. The custom rod will be unique and have an SCBBBC theme to it.

As well as $500 in cash.

There may be a few things added in, such as a guided trip with famed Matt Allen from tactical bassin.

Keep your eyes open for other news to follow.

Kevin Marcheschi

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This took a few days as I got sick Sunday night and am finally recovering. So here is my report:

First, it was awesome to see 25+ kickboaters show up to the season opener, especially with the tough conditions. Thanks to the club and all the members for making these events so much fun. The bonus that was donated by Jeff Andress and all of Kevin Marcheschi's work on sponsorship are extremely appreciated! Congrats to everyone that caught fish.

I had a half day to prefish and knew the water was muddy. With the cold air that arrived the week before it also meant the water temps were falling and it would be tough. North of Putah had slightly cleaner water and I usually head that way when fishing this area, so I just recalled any rock I remembered up that way. In prefish I hit a small point that has a vein of that red rock on it and got one thump on a jig. That was it for the rest of the prefish.

Tournament time that was my start point,but as we got in the water I decided to hit the island south of the ramp. It just felt right, but after covering a point at all depths for an hour with no bites and getting some good time to catch up with Phil, I decided to make the row north. Once to the rock point, I finally got the big fish on crankbait. No more reaction after that though. Once I caught that fish, I was staying. If there is one there will be more in these conditions. I proceeded to alternate between jig, nail weighted senko and shakyhead and picked up another fish about an hour later on the senko. Fish 3,4 and 5 all bit the Senko as I was dragging it across the rock in about 10 feet. I think these fish just pulled up at various times separately to look for a quick meal and I just made repetitive fan casts across the point to intercept one. Slow, tedious fishing, but I had confidence they were ther and sometimes that is what it takes. When I got #5 at about 2 pm, I was stoked. I thought that 3 fish could win this, but my 5 stood a great chance.

I love the tough tournaments and always feel confident going into them, so to win this one was awesome. Looking forward to Sonoma!


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Nice report Matt & congrats again on the win!.....I'm not the only one that feels this was a fitting victory for you!! was definetly a grind of a day with these conditions & as the rumor mill turned & many felt I might earn this one I couldn't get you out of the back of my mind as so many talked to so many but nothing came back to me about how you were doing.......& there you were,in my mind @ the end of weigh in you were thinking "not on my watch" are so consistent & always a threat especially in tough conditions......our thoughts are with you& your family & job well done!
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Nice report Matt awesome andnof course Chris you did great as well
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Cool report matt!! Way to go buddy!! What a FUN tourney! I knew it was going to be insanely brutal. When we were talking out there and guessing 3 fish could win it? At blast off I was eyeing you and wondering why you were going "the wrong way" lol! After a few hours I kept looking over there and seeing someone, thinking to myself... is that matt? (Crap!) lol... you were sitting there like a pawn on a chessboard (very methodical) repeating & backcrossing your angles/ lanes, I had a feeling!! My goal was to get 1 fish after having 2 prefish days there and not 1 BITE EITHER DAY!! 😳🤔 I'm glad I had the bites but just couldn't capitalize and improve on my one smallie. Looking forward to Sonoma ☺️ Great job again
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Great reports guys and congrats Matt on the season opener win! Always fun to see a bunch of us on the water like a big family. Can't wait to see you all at Sonoma. I sure hope to catchem there. 

P.S. Thanks Jeff Andress and Kevin for giving the club a shot in the arm!
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Kevin Marcheschi

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