Hey guys time is moving quick. Need a couple of things anyone with a boat to help with release and connection at Brados for launching ,parking etc . Lets get the ideas flowing before the meeting so we have a starting point.
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  Was there a tourney? Who won? Was it fun? How many people showed up? Any big fish?
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Dan Balaba won with 10.29 lbs.  He had a big fish just shy of 7 lbs!

Ayers 2nd 10.24! I lucked into a limit for 10.09.  21 anglers showed ealry in the morning.

It was a tough day, post spawn.  All my fish came on wacky senko pitched up to some structure (dock, tree, tule or grassline).  I think a few of them were fry guarders as I saw many, but if they saw you first, they would not bite.
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