Sorry I haven't let you all know that Selma and I are Ok. We couldn't save our kitties which is the hardest for Selma. We lost both houses and all of our possessions. Made it out with one tablet two cellphones and the clothes on our back.

We have good insurance and great friends that are putting us up so we will be fine.

Many others are much worse off than us so although I am so touched by you guys wanting to help I would feel better If it went to someone that isn't as lucky as we are.

Looking forward to seeing you guys on the water in the future.

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hey guys ... have been evacuated since 2am monday.. we are fortunate to have been able to save our house. i live 2 blocks from coffey  parK and my main concern is phil rageneau !!! im sure his place is gone as it looks like a war zone !!! if anyone has been in contact with him or his family ... PLEASE POST !! I know alot of people are still missing. PHIL IF YOU ABLE... PLEASE POST !! Dave i cant even begin to express my deepest sympathy to you and your family !!! if any displaced people need anything at all please speak up. GOD BLESS !!!!
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What's Phil's address

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Just talked to Phil....he is ok,just missed the Coffey Park devastation!
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thanks for the info chris. I too did get a hold of him, and happy to hear from him.  I hope all other members are ok. [thumb]
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