The last tournament of the year was as tough as it gets when it comes to bass fishing! Lake Berryessa was bruteal for most, but Deren kozenko was the one angler to figure them bass out. Deren weighed in 4 fish for 7.76 pounds and enough for the win! 2nd place went to Mike Boggswith one fish and tournament big fish of 5.08 pounds. 3rd place goes to Binh Phi with 2 for 4.04 pounds. What a great year, Thanks to everyone!

Mike Ayers is the 2017 Angler of the Year!

After a back and forth battle for AOY with runner-up Matt Nyiri all year long, Mike take's the 2017 Angler of the Year Trophy! Mike's season consisted of 3 wins and 2 second place finishes. Good enough to claim his 3rd Angler of the Year award!

2017 Rookie of the Year!

Congratulations to rookie Brian Berndt on this years ROY!

2017 Tournament of Champions Qualifiers!


Mike Ayers - Matt Nyiri - Binh Phi - Jason Cullen - Matt Cahill - Deren Kozenko - Andy Mercado - Brian Berndt - Joe Grulich - Jacob Bennett


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wow !!! what a tough day it was! never did i think 7.76 would win with all the great sticks in this club !!!  my main focus was just to avoid the dredded -10 points for blanking, and try to get at least 1 keeper since i was on the cusp of possibly not making t.o.c. day started out waking up to a down pour... Great !! a wet one today. my game plan was to row all the way out to main body and get that 1 keeper to keep me in it. as i unloaded... matt cahill showed up we both were ready to go!! matt found his front tire flat on his truck from the rock slides . so i helped him in changing out tire before tourney started. we got to talking ... maybe back of creeks would be on fire about now. so i kinda decided to change my plan from main body to creeks. then i ran into our  GOOD BUDDY  Scott Green for the old outdoor proshop in the parking lot with his boat ready to go !! it had been a few years since i saw him , and it was great chatting him up. we started talking and he changed my mind again about where to go... DAMM i hate when i keep changing my mind. needless to say.... THANKS SCOTT !!!! So i row all the way out to the main body and up north a ways. sweating  my butt off from all the rowing. looking forward to a big swig of gatorade..... NOT !! .. left my entire lunch and drinks in truck.. DAMM ! Too far to go back now. figured i'd stick it out as long as possible .  main lake didnt happen, so i headed back to mouth of capel  and caught the first fish on the point. woo hoo - 10 out the window . ! Preceeded  to stay in that spot and i caught # 2-3-and  4. the sun came out and the bite died. ok now its time to go back to launch ramp and get my food and drinks  & try to pick up # 5. on the way back i ran into mike and he was gracious enough to kick me down a coca cola THANKS MIKE YOU SAVED THE DAY !!!. i stayed way out in capel but couldnt pick up # 5. but was happy with the 4 i had and hoping for the best.headed back and   kept fishing around the launch ramp till end of tourney. still no fish # 5. oh well it is what it is !! I  basically caught them all on  40 yard stretch at the mouth drop shotting mm3 6" robos. I think the main key was using the spin shot hook which swivels versus the reg drop shot hook. i used both methods and only got bit on the swivel shot rig. all other 11 rods produced NADA!. THANKS TO ALL WHO SHOWED UP !! SORRY FOR THE LONG WINDED STORY JUST TO GET TO THE BAIT I  USED. !!! LOL. CONGRATS TO ALL T.O.C QUALIFIERS , AOY AND ROOKIE AOY !!! HEY BOGGS .... NICE FISH BUDDY !!  SEE YA AT CLEARLAKE FOR MORE FUN !!!
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yo deren nice report, so when you say mouth it's toward the main lake way way up there right.  cause I was in capel most of the day and didn't see ya LOL.  Anyways what a way to end the season with a win.  see you in two weeks.

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Top 5 bass 2017 
1. 10.13 Clear Lake
2. 7.6 Clear Lake
3. 6.14 Clear Lake
4. 4.2 Delta
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Hot mess!....lol.....nice report,congrats again!
Bucket Mouth
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Nice job getting some fish to the net on a Super tough day!  Good way to cap off the end of the year!

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Great report! Good job
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Great report Deren and congrats on a Berry Victory. Wish I could have been there chasing Mr Greenie. See you all next season.
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