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FS : NFO Skykomish Sunrise Kickboat

crankbaitmaster wrote: That is a kick ass deal and a sweet rig i would buy it if i had the money. You should be able to sell that no problem

Thanks! I put a lot of thought/work/time into it. Especially getting the rod rack integrated with the main frame and cargo shelf. I wanted a solid connection between the cargo shelf, that the TM is attached to, and the main frame.
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FS : NFO Skykomish Sunrise Kickboat

Not too much action on this so far. Keep in mind that I may consider an offer below $800...

Next step is to get it on Craigs List and let the rest of the world have a shot.

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FS : NFO Skykomish Sunrise Kickboat
CatchemCaro wrote:

Looks like a killer deal!

Yeah, it should make someone pretty happy. I put $2k into it and used it ~15 times. With the TM I've gone pretty far with it on Clear Lake. I've fished all day and still not had the TM battery run down.

I'm selling as I recently bought an '06 BassCat Pantera so I don't really have plans to use the KB much anymore.
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FS : NFO Skykomish Sunrise Kickboat

Price $800 OBO –     Pick-up in Mountain View


10-1/2 ft. pontoons x 5’ wide beam

16" diameter pontoon tubes

Urethane bladder (not vinyl)

1,500-denier PVC tops and bottoms and Haukey Roberts valves

Two removable saddle bags

350 lb. weight capacity

48" x 18" diamond plate rear deck with raised rim and motor mount

Frame disassembles with pins for easy transportation

Registered for Trolling Motor Use


Equipped with:

Lowrance 68C Color Sonar/GPS Unit

Cabellas 8AH Battery for Sonar

Motorguide Vari-max 55 lb Thrust Trolling Motor

Dekka 27 Series Deep Cycle Battery in Battery Box

Rod holder for 8 rods plus two additional holders up front

Standing/fishing Platform

Force Fins





If interested either call Greg at 650-269-2638 or e-mail at gregd72@hotmail.com


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Mussle Stickers Clear Lake
bassmaster95401 wrote:

Some people are sticking them to the back of the plastic seat on a kickboat, others have laminated them and then zip tied them to the bracket the oars are mounted on.  I don't know that there is really a correct way on a float tube or kickboat.

Thanks! I guess no one's following any specific rule. I would imagine that if I try sticking one to the pontoon it will come off easily, so maybe I'll just laminate it and hang it from the frame.
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Mussle Stickers Clear Lake
I got my stickers in the mail from Tackle-It, but I was wondering where they are supposed to be placed?

One on each pontoon next to the CF numbers? In front of the numbers or behind them? Does it matter?

Thanks, Greg
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Another Newbie Question (Safety)

Everything went pretty well Saturday! I couldn't have picked a better/easier day for my first time out. Temps were great and there was very little wind. Too bad the fish weren't cooperating but honestly, I just wanted to get out and cover some water and get the hang of using the toon. The fish will come later as I get better at postitioning myself and fishing from this new platform.

I had dissasembled the toon enough to fit it in the back of my Durango and it only took me a half hour to get it set up in the parking lot and down to the water. I have a wheel that inserts into a receiver on the frame. I loaded the toon up (tackle bag, rods, etc) and had no problem "wheelbarrowing" it down to the water. Getting back out at the end of the day was another story as I opted to haul it back up the ramp fully loaded which wasn't easy. In hindsight I think next time I'll unload it before hauling it up and make a few extra trips to get the rest of the gear.

As I was getting ready to head out I met stealthbassin who was just bringing his toon down to the water to get it set up. We talked for a bit and he gave me some more good tips.

As expected when I headed out, getting the hang of the oars wasn't easy. I was doing zig zags as my dominate right side repeatedly sent me off course and I'd have to correct. I slowly got the hang of smooth even strokes but I did struggle off and on with the oaring as the day went on. Positioning myself with the kicking/flippers was easier to get the hang of and I had no problem there. I got to where I could pivot one way then the other without too much trouble.

Since it was such a nice day, after about 1:00 the wakeboarders and jetskiiers showed up. I can only imagine how bad it would be in the summer when the water's warmer. While dealing with the wakes was easier than when I've fished from boats as I was sitting, the noise and closeness seemed more bothersome than anything else. Probably more due to my small footprint being in such a small vessel. I can only imagine how the float tubers feel.

All in all, a great day and thanks for all the help you guys have given me as I purchased and got the tube ready for prime time!


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Vessel Registration in CA
Good to hear that the insurance won't be an issue.

I DID get it registered last week after receiving the Certificate of Origin and some hull ID numbers from North Fork Outdoors. Now comes another interesting decision...  How to get the numbers and stickers on the toon! I heard they need to be "pernanently attached" and I'm not sure if the CF number affixed to a piece of plexiglass that's then tied to the frame qualifies?
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Another Newbie Question (Safety)
Thanks everyone! Great input.

I'll probably leave the pump in the car. It's kind of bulky and I'll be at Calero so it wouldn't be too difficult to walk back to the car from shore if I had too. I think I WILL get a smaller pump to stash on the boat for times when walking back to the car wouldn't be as easy, like at the Delta.

I will be wearing my inflatable PFD. I wouldn't think of going out there without it. Especially with waders on.
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Another Newbie Question (Safety)
Thanks everyone for all the help so far. I'm actually planning on taking the toon out tomorrow for the first time. I've finished all the mods I wanted to do and it's ready to roll (float) except for the TM that is on backorder, so I'll be oaring it tomorrow. Probably good as it's probably a good idea to first learn how to handle the boat with human power before I use the electric.

My question is...  Do you guys carry on the water a compact pump for inflating the pontoons if they go low during the day either from lowering temps or if I spring a leak? I was planning on carrying some duct tape and/or a patch kit but I guess it woudn't do me any good if I can't add more air.

I AM bringing an air horn in case I run into trouble. Not sure if it's a good idea to also bring some sort of signal light?

Thanks again, Greg
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Vessel Registration in CA
rodzilla 22 - ANY non human powered propelsion is considered a "motor" in the eyes of the DMV, Rangers, etc. If you put an electric trolling motor on a little rubber raft, technically you need to register it.

bassmaster95401 - I had no idea that restering the boat "uninsures" me through my normal homeowners insurance. Thanks for the info and I'll check with my agent to see what I should do about it.

Thanks all, Greg
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Vessel Registration in CA

Well... I just wasted a morning at the DMV trying to register the toon bacause I'm planning on adding a trolling motor. After all the waiting, I was informed that they couldn't process my paperwork because I did not have a "certificate of origin" from the builder, or a hull identification number. I did have a receipt from North Fork Outdoors and I explained to them that the boat did not have a HIN, but they wouldn't accept that and sent me away.

I called NFO and they said they WOULD be able to create a COI for me and also a HIN sticker that I would need to attach to the frame of the toon. They'll send it to me in the mail.

I just wish I had known all that up front so I didn't have to waste all that time at the DMV. The DMV website implied that all I needed was my receipt proving I purchased it. The DMV is a wonderful place to spend a morning, especially if you walk away emptyhanded!

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Places To Launch On Clear Lake?
Thanks for the responses everyone! Looks like I have plenty of areas to check out once the weather/water warms up a bit.

As I'm completely new to this kickboating, I have no idea how far I can range from a launch point, so it will be interesting to see how a day will play out with respect to how often I go back to the truck and move to a different launch in a given day. I AM setting up the toon with a trolling motor so that will probably help, but I'll also try to see how I do with just the oars as I wouldn't mind getting some exercise in the bargain also.

I'm currently working on the frame of the toon, adding the pvc pipes for rod racks, trolling motor transducer, net rack, etc. The toon I have also has the rear cargo deck detached from the seat frame and I'm locking them together to provide more stability. I think that's best with the trolling motor mounted to the cargo deck.

I'll post pics when I've got it closer to completion.

Regards, Greg

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Places To Launch On Clear Lake?
I'm not looking for anyone's "secret" spot, but just hopefully some ideas to get started with later on this year when I take my new toon to CL. I'd imagine, even with a trolling motor, I won't be able to make cross lake runs, or runs from the North to South Lake, so I'll need to find launching points close to the areas I want to fish at that time.

I've fished CL a fair number of times from boats, but not a toon at this point. I'd imagine State Park would be a good start? Late winter/early spring I'd try to get fish staging to spawn outside nearby creeks such as Kelsey?

I'd also like to find a place near Rodman Slough to launch. I did pretty well there this past early April.

Any other places to launch that are reasonably close to good fishing areas?

Thanks! Greg
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Need Sonar/GPS Unit
Thanks CatchemCaro and TRITONTR21, along with another thumbs up for the M68C by a poster on WB, that's 3-0 in favor of it. I'll probably do a bit more investigating but it's starting to look like that's the one I'll get.

Now I just need to get the TM and battery and finish the rod racks and other mods I'm doing and I'll be ready to float the boat!

Thanks again,

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