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Places To Launch On Clear Lake?
GregD wrote: I'd imagine State Park would be a good start? Late winter/early spring I'd try to get fish staging to spawn outside nearby creeks such as Kelsey?

This is where I launch my tube from in the Spring.  I am headed back there in a few months looking for a new PB.  Catching a DD bass would be sweet out of my Navigator II!
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Lake Chabot/Vallejo/Marine World
Every time I take my family to Six Flags, there always seems to be at least 1 or 2 tubers fishing Lake Chabot next to Six Flags.  Does anybody know anything about this lake?  I saw this thread in the ashes and decided that maybe perhaps somebody might know something new about it.  I fished it once from my tube, and managed to squeak out a small limit.  If anybody would be willing to share any info about his lake I would appreciate it, you could pm me if you prefer. 

And just to let everybody know...this lake obviously doesn't receive much pressure, so anything that I am told I promise will not leave this board!  Thanks in advance!

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