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2011 Fishing Resolutions
I'll try to keep mine very simple. Here goes:

1. Try to get out and fish at least once every month (trust me, even just putting it down right now I'm scratching my head on how to get this done).

2. Catch at least 1 bass over 5lbs. That would already break my personal best, so I'll be totally happy with that.

3. Catch at least 5 fish from my pontoon. I've had the thing for 2 years now and I've only caught 3 fish off of it.

4. Catch my first swimbait fish. I'm in the same boat as Deacon here. I have a pretty good collection of them, but I have nothing to show for any of it. This will be the year.

5. I need to finally get out on a bass boat and fish it for the first time. I did go out on one once, but the heavy rains made it for a short day and really no time fishing. Of all the ones I've mentioned so far, this is the one that I really want to get done this year. I think it would be awesome to see the difference of fishing from a deck instead of a seat or from shore.

6. I need to learn how to use the lipless crank. I hear so many people catching fish on them, but I have yet to make it happen. Hopefully this will be the year.

I'm sure I could come up with a lot more, but this list seems to be all I need to keep me busy for the entire year.
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Wow!Go Giants!

Just finished watching the parade from outside my office. Awesome experience. Talk about having some awesome fans out there. The street were packed and the trash is plentiful.

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Fountain Grove?
Dang! I should have gone there instead. The gate was open before 6:30am at Fountain Grove. We head on out and it turned into a very slow day. Only 3 fish caught between the 4 of us that went out (of course, I did not have one of the three).

Oh well, they say the only way to cure the skunk smell is to get out on the water. I guess I should start taking that advice. Great to hear you had a good time at Windsor.
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Fountain Grove?
Thanks for the info Walt. I'm starting to wonder if I should change places then to maximize the amount of time I can have on the water.

If anyone else has anything to add to this I'd greatly appreciate it.
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I had a blast last night. It was also great to finally get back to a meeting again and see some of you (I think the last meeting I was at was in February). Thanks to everyone that made this happen.

Although we were only allowed to purchase 1 rod at 40% off, I can see that some of my other rods will soon be replaced as well. You just can't beat the quality and service that Gary has shown.

Now I just need to decipher all those notes that I took.
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Fountain Grove?
I haven't been out on the water in a long while, so I'm taking the day off tomorrow just to spend the morning trying to get into some fish. I was wondering if anyone knew what time the gates at Fountain Grove open in the morning. I'd like to get there as early as possible so that I can still get home by 1:00pm.

Thanks for any info. Hopefully I'll be able to get that feeling again of a fish on the other side of my line.
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Congrates to AC

Awesome job buddy. Now teach me what to look for when fishing on Clearlake. Always looking forward to learning something from a master.

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Stafford lake
The reports coming out of Stafford are getting bites on senko, frogs, flipping into the weeds, and burning swimjigs with horny toad trailers.

Since you are there golfing, you'll be able to fish that whole area at the 9th hole. You can work that whole area all the way to the pump house (you'll pass the pump house right before you get to the stop sign at the golf course crossing).

Let us know how it goes for you (the fishing, not the golfing that is). Good luck.
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Marin Bass Club BBQ and Meeting
Just a little bump to remind everyone of the Marin Bass Club meeting that will be held tonight.

I hope to see some of you there. Don't forget, free Jig Monster jig just for showing up.
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Marin Bass Club BBQ and Meeting
Great question Josh. Although we would love to have a livewell or a follow me bag, considering that we do a lot of hiking (one day I may have gone 8-10 miles of hiking), we use no livewells. We basically use pictures of our fish being weighed. So yes, althought we are on some sort of honor system, we have not had anyone break this code yet, so the fishing stays fun between all.

Considering this BBQ is on the same day as the Turkey Shoot, I would suggest going to the Turkey Shoot instead and try joining us for the meeting and the tournament at the end of the month as well. This month will be an all marin lake tournament, so there are sure to be some big fish being caught. Club record so far for 5 fish is 25lbs 2oz (and remember that is from shore).

Keep those questions coming if any of you have some.
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Marin Bass Club BBQ and Meeting
Hey everyone. I know it's last minute, but I wanted to invite all you SCBBBC guys to the Marin Bass Club Family BBQ at Stafford Lake this Sunday. We'll be there from 10:00 - 3:00. It is a pot luck, so feel free to bring something for everyone to eat. We'll have grill available, so don't feel like you have to cook everything before you come (unless you want to that is).

If enough people show up, we might even have a little old school Turkey Shoot from the shore (anyone remember how to fish from shore). If the weather gets hot, like it should be, the frog bite from shore on that little lake can be awesome.

I also wanted to invite you guys to the Marin Bass Club monthly meeting. It is held on the second Wednesday of every month (so the 9th will be the next meeting). Meetings are held at the Round Table Pizza in Novato and it starts at 7:00.

We will be having a swim jig for post spawn fish demo as well as a Powell Rods pro staffer to discuss all the different rods Powell has to offer. We are also trying to work out a rod raffle with Powell as well. Also, for anyone that comes to the meeting, member or non-member, you'll receive a free Jig Monster jig from Joe, owner of Jig Monster.

I hope some of you can make it. Let me know if you have any questions.
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yeee!!! My Report

Great job Martin! It always feels good to come out at the top when the fishing is tough.

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? BNT rule #17

Since you are stopping at my house to pick up batteries, would you like me to leave my lifevest as well? This way you have another extra just in case someone needs it. Let me know and I'll have it ready for you.
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Congrats Andy Mercado

Congrats Andy! That is an awesome job.

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Bass federation nation western divisional
Good luck out there and go get some pigs. Give us the full report after.

I don't get out on the water much so I live to read all the reports on this forum.
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