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We Lost a Good Friend Saturday!

Rest in peace Chris. Such a chill guy

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BASS bans multi-lure rigs
AC wrote: the rig don't work... 

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Free to Good Home
Change your icon picture anthony HAHAHA. cholo lookin.
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Back for the classic
Thanks walt! I got accepted into Sonoma State but i'm attending the SRJC and transferring out after 2 years, majoring in dental
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Back for the classic
Hey everyone just in case people have been wondering where i've been i've just been taking care of proirities with my last moths of school and preparing for college but you im best believe im going to fish the classic and im pretty sure i'll be prefishing for the 5 days straight prior to tournament day so be ready! See my brothers on the lake!
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Junior Bassmasters
yoo im interested also in finding out how to go about trying to fish these tourneys. sounds fun. 
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Carson's number?
Kodiakjo wrote:

A Martin Carreon Spotting? Were you been....2 meeting and no Martin? Did you find a new hobbie?

hahaha! what are you talkin bout foool i was at the december meeting i just missed the last one cause my mom was being retarded! yeah i did find a new hobbie though, its gonna be trying to give a harder whipping on you old saggy ass men!

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Carson's number?
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Mike Ayers is the 2010 SCBBBC AOY
Mike, your a boss 
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damn... whata year
 I would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped me in the past. This was another great year except for yesterday... Catching a fish on a tough day says something. Having my 2 pounder in the well for six hours and then it jumping out yesterday was heartbreaking. Its definately the worst feeling, i dont wish that upon anyone and that fish would have earned me a spot in the TOC this year but S#!T happens and i have to live with it. Even though i didn't actually qualify this year, i feel good about my accomplishment to catch and land the fish i needed to qualify but just didnt get it to the weigh-in, i'm proud of that... but the chance at $1,500 would have been nice too! another great year though and a lot more learned and ready for an even more improved and more versatile year for next season. Good to everyone at the TOC!!!
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DougT wrote: Not so fast. You have Josh, Andy, and Mario with two zero throwouts but they only missed one tournament. Carson is the only contender who missed two tournaments. With corrections made, Andy and Mario are out, Scotty and Deren are in, and Rich is 2nd half points leader. Go Giants!!!!!!!!!


HEY! me and scotty have the same amount of toc points but i have more overall points, does that mean anything?
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guess winning weight/big fish at the classic
33.33 pounds with fatass coming in at 8.33
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*Official Classic Sign Up & Details*
you already know though!
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