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Let's Go Petaluma!!!!!!
Petaluma is still in it, they beat New Jersey yesterday with a walk off, 5-4. They are 2-1 in the series, only blemish is the loss to Tennessee.
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Let's Go Petaluma!!!!!!
I think Petaluma plays today at 11:00am pst. I'll double check on the time.
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Im Moving!
Dude, you will be missed. Godspeed!
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Lake Berryessa fish catches on video
Carson that was awesome. Nice.
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Welcome the newest member to our family
Our grand daughter Matilda Margaret Gayle Wilson, 6lbs 14 oz.

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Team Fishing
Hugo, as far as the number of fish being weighed that is up to the tournament director, and no they don't have to stay together, but don't be late to the weigh-in, fish as a team weigh-in as a team. Just my thoughts, you guys can manage it any way you choose.
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Team Fishing
Hello Hugo,
I can't answer for Rich, but I hope I can shed some light on whats to be done. First of all you need a list of all the fishermen, and then make it a random draw by pulling names out of a "hat". A random draw is best in my opinion because you don't have two of the best fishermen together unless they are picked purely by luck. The amount of fish is determined by the tournament director and weigh in time as well. Fish, have fun and see who's the winner. Other rules, what ever they may be are as they are during a regular tourney. I hope this helps.


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Rohnert park backroads
Best thing to do is go in early on the back side of the track. Lakeville hwy entrance best bet. Go in the front and you're looking for problems.
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Gift for honesty
Karma at it's best. May the guy rot in jail. As far as a gift, offer a fraction of life jackets worth, my guess he may turn it down, I know I would. I lost my fishing license at Clear Lake one day and it showed up in the mail. I sent a letter back to the fellow with a few bucks and a thank you. I got another letter in the mail with the money returned, it just said "no problem". There still are some great people out there, it's nice when you get to meet one.
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What’s your favorite way to prepare fish?
99.999% practice catch and release. There are far too many fish being taken by poaching, etc. I myself are one of the 99.999% and if I want fish to eat, I go to the supermarket. I don't mean to be blunt but that's the way it is....
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new to forum!
Mahoney had one for sale if it's still available.
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Delta Bass Video
Nicely done. Like the music too.
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rumor of new big bass leader
The yellow shade is sometimes attributed to diet. Nice fish too. I too am looking forward to my first DD.
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Dave's Clear Lake report
Congrats on the win. Nice to have back to back toads.
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