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outcast tackle bags
hey Matt, I have two(2) large tackle bags. I'm willing to unload them for I shall never use them, give me a call. Fred 707-536-5471
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need new tackle bags for kickboat
asfacci wrote: Jason-

Where did you make your purchase of the Outcast bags?

I am in the  market and I like the size!

hey Matt, I have two(2) large outcast tackle bags. I'm willing to unload them, I have never used them and never will. give me a call ,Fred 707-536-5471
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get back to me
Hey Mr. Townsend, I believe, I have what you asked for. Give me a call at :
707-536-5471                         Thanks Fred
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ready to liquidate
good evening ladies and gentleman,
 I have my equipment ready to be sold, so if you wish to inquire, my number is 707-536-5471 or my email address is caveman50@comcast.net.
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good morning ladies and gentleman,
Due to unforeseen personal and financial difficulties, I'm afraid I have to liquidate most of my assets/property including the fishing equipment! I have rods, reels and tackle of various brands, make and models. Some of the rods and reels are not high tech but have suited me fine through the years. I have a vast amount of lures and terminal tackle. Also if anybody has painting buddies that need equipment such as drops and roller poles of various sizes and lengths, feel free to pass the word. Thanks for the good times during the meetings and tourneys, this club taught me a lot about bass fishing! So for all you newbies, stay with the club and take in as much as you can and you will become a "Better" fisherman/woman. If interested, please give me a few days to get equipment together for this is quite painful. OUCH!

                                                                                                            Thanks for the memories,
                                                                                                            Caveman aka Fred Church
                                                                                                            (707) 536-5471
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Happy Birthday Andy!
happy b-day, old timer!
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Happy B-Day big guy!
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Hungry bass?
that's too damn funny!
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Fat Spring Lake Bass
dude, that is sick! good job
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A pic of my newest fishing Buddy!
well, it looks like your first keeper for the year! again congrats
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My newest fishing buddy!!!!
congrats daddy and mommy, hope all is well!
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Good evening Ladies and Gentleman,

Just a shout out to let you know how I did, while you all were out fishing!

1st place - Grandmasters

1st place - Overall Masters

1st place - Open- Class 2

2nd place - Open Overall

 I want to Thank all the shout outs! Looking forward to get back on the tourney circut again or at least to get back on/in the Water! Want to make last nights meeting but ended up catching a cold at least I caught something. LOL!

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Happy Birthday Mike A.

HAPPY B-DAY! From what's being read, you might want to enjoy it, you don't have many left.

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Hello ladies and gentleman, sorry i've made it to any club functions. Been getting ready for my Natural Olympia qualifier which is April 28, the show is the Silver and Black, this could be a chance for me to get Sponsorship. Hoping to make acouple tournies after the show, in fact looking forward to it.

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Lets share some good memories of Chris

Yea, Chris was quite the guy! he seemed to have a smile even when down. That nite tourney at Sonoma, he MUST certainly did take it to us other anglers! I also had the opportunity to work w/him at Big 5 for awhile. Sorry, things got as bad as they did. Hope you are at PEACE!

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