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Weighing of fish?
Howsit guys.

Quick question...

Do you guys have a weigh station open the whole day or is it only open at the end of the day??

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Team Fishing
Do they have to stay together the whole day?
Does the team only weigh in 5 fish or do they weigh in 10?

I was thinking could be a nice touch to take the best bag of the 2 guys and that gives beginners also a chance to win some prizes...

Sorry for all the questions.

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Team Fishing
Howsit Guys from South Africa

Havent been on your site for a while now...sorry about that...

All is good here in S.A. and our 2nd leg of the series will be on the 9th of July...

Just a quick question to whoever can help me...

I was watching one of Rich's video's on you tube and you guys had a team fishing day...Can you please give me the info needed to have one like that here in South Africa...
How does teams get chosen and how does it work from there...
Really looking forward to the replies as i would love to start a team comp here in S.A. even if its just a once of comp.

Keep Well

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South Africa Takes the lead: CC Bigbass
Thanks guys!!

It was a kicker of a day...our winter is coming up, so its going to be tough...
Ive seen some huge fish coming out of clear lake so best of luck!!

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South Africa Takes the lead: CC Bigbass
So South Africa took the leader board in the CC Big Bass Challenge!!!WOOHOO!!!
But im sure this will change when the U.S.A.'s weather gets a bit warmer...

We had a great day on the water, i was marshalling the day and went out with my sponsor and his boat...we threw Culprit PRO FORGS the whole day and man was it fun!!!This was the first time i caught fish on frogs...WHAT A RUSH!!
Caught a few and lost some nice piggies...but thats the name of the game...My wife came with and she caught her new PB...Shes not really an angler but she enjoyed it a lot.

Congrats to Kobus that won this comp with a nice 12.87 LB bag and a big fish off 4.4LB

Some pics
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CC Bigbass Challenge
Yup...Cant wait until tomorrow...
Its definitely working Rich!!

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CC Bigbass Challenge
Hi Guys...

Congrats to Shawn Henderson  with his 3.24 Lb bass...

We are having our first comp of the year here in South Africa and hoping to take the lead after this weekend!!
We are going to a big bass venue so there is a very good chance!

Keep well guys!!

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Well Done Rich Caro
Awesome Thanks Rich.
Where will you be sending the baits??To Shawn's address??Just double check with us again where you are sending it too...

Brilliant!!!! Please let me know when you are coming and where you will be, we must meet up, maybe we can go and fish a day or two too....hehehehe.
If you are struggling to get accommodation let me know, we can make a plan im sure i will have a lot of accommodation for you free of Charge....LOL

You have my email address right?? If not please send me a PM so that i can keep in touch with you.

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Well Done Rich Caro
Loving the lifetime warranty on the baits...Great to know..
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Well Done Rich Caro

Nice to see you on Tackle Tour and also to see your baits getting out there...
Keep up the GREAT WORK BUD!!!

Your Friend in South Africa

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Early christmas gift: Basslake 23/12/10
Thanks Guys.
Yup im really enjoying this summer!!!
Fishing is awesome at bass lake, and its predominantly swim bait fishing...And if you don't mind to throw some live baits then you will get them on that too...

@ Rich: We have a tournemant coming on the 22nd of January, but this is for the inflatables and small boats so not the one you are sponsoring, The one you sponsor only happens on the 5th of March.

Keep well guys...catchem frozen fish!!! LOL

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Early christmas gift: Basslake 23/12/10
Some more pictures.
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Early christmas gift: Basslake 23/12/10
So i went with my friend Robin to Basslake a week after our first expedition to there, and man i couldnt have asked for a better day on the water.
I was on the water for about an half an hour when i hooked in to my first big fish for the day, it was +- a 3.1KG (6.8LB) fish ( forgot to weigh it DOH! )
About a half an hour later I caught a lovely 1.8KG (3.9 LB) fish that gave quite a show with a few jumps out of the water.
After the 3.9er i quickly retied and cast out again when i felt a bump and the running of my line, i set the hook and got a really good fight i really thought this was going to be my new PB (unfortunately not, but it gave a good fight).
I landed the fish and it weighed in at 3.7KG (8.1LB)
The fishing then started getting really tough with small dinks now and then at about lunch time a caught a 1.5KG (3.3) and soon saw that this was the fish my friend caught last week, it was at exactly the same spot and this bass had a distinct jaw with a black spot underneath the jaw and also had a wound on the side of its body...
Fishing went quiet again when i hooked up on a big one again but he got away.
I then moved to the "fishbowl", which was one of my favourite spots years ago but was not producing well the last few times.
I got to the spot and through out my bait, soon to see a very nice specimen swimming just underneath me, i reeled in and cast it just in front of it, a few seconds later he took my bait and i landed a very nice 3.5KG (7.7LB) fish.
Then we had to get of the water.
This was one awesome day!!!

Cheers from South Africa.

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South African Bassing 17/12/2010
No problem guys...

It was about 35 C....well it felt like that...lol...thats about 95 F...California gets hot too so i don't know if that is hot for you guys??hehehe
Yeah she didn't have any problem going for my bait, a friend of mine caught a similar fish at the same venue and spot, the day before, wont be surprised if it was the same fish...

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South African Bassing 17/12/2010
So a friend and i went out to my favourite venue, he wanted me to show him the tricks of this venue...Its summer here by us now and was really a hot day...fishing was tough but we managed to get a few nice sized fish...here is some pics...
First fish was a 6LBer
Secon fish was a 4.1 lber...not sure what was going on with its tummy...infection or just a big bait thats not really digesting??? if someone can give me an answer, i will appreciate it...
Third fish was a 4.6LBer
I missed another 3 biiig fish.
My friend caught a really nice 3.3LBer that gave him a fight that would put some 4 and 6 lb fish to shame...lol.

Here is some pics...enjoy.

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