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Brand New Rod for Sale: Quantum Tour Edition KVD
Brand new with tags, never used 6'6" MH, Line Weight 12-25 lbs, Lure Weight 3/8 to 3/4 oz, model TKVDC666FA.

This is a pretty sweet little rod that I'm only selling because I already have one of my own. It's super light and sensitive, has a solid backbone, and the shorter length helps sling casts super accurately accurately into tight cover at places like riverfront and spring lake. Its an awesome rod for kickboating when you're low to the water due to the shorter length. Plus it's a slick looking rod.

Retails $160 on tackle warehouse

Asking $80 OBO

I can meet you or bring the rod to the meetings

Thanks a lot guys
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Free to Good Home
Martin is  definitely looking for a new kickboat and I'm almost positive he'd be ecstatic to take you up on the offer. I'll tell him to get on the forum

Anthony Monraz
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Pro/Teen tournament report
Congrats on the win man. My partner and I could never find any good fish but still had a fun time out on a bass boat.

Anthony Monraz
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crab bait?
Pretty much anything thats bloody or put out a smell work well. Id probably stay away from the livers since theyre so soft and the crab can pinch them off; unless theyre well contained or something. Salmon heads are supposed to be one of the best since they put out so much oil and the crabs cant rip them apart as well. A lot of people use chicken drumsticks and stuff because they think the seals wont eat non-fish bait, but those things will rob any bait. you have to pull your lines or they will destroy your stuff ass they make their rounds

Anthony Monraz
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Any float tubes for sale?
I was wondering if anyone had any old float tubes they're looking to get rid of?
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Dangerous Bass Bait
Me Martin and Sina were fishing this private pond over the weekend. The owner came out so we dove into the grass and hid. When he left I got up and right there a foot away was a baby rattler. Without thinking Sina picked it up and we out it in a plastic bag. At home he decided to hold it since it seemed calm. Eventually we all held the baby wild rattlesnake. Among the stupidest things I've ever done but cool to say I did it.

Anthony Monraz
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M & M Camping
This year I'm just goin to sleep in my car since it'll be way easier and probably more comfortable. I think I remember last year that they have an extra vehicle charge or something. Do they still have that? I wouldn't really need any more space besides for my car and kickboat. Thanks

Anthony Monraz
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Whites GPS Adress
Perfect thanks guys. See you out there!
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Whites GPS Adress
Anyone have the GPS coordinates or road name that I can plug into my GPS? Thanks

Anthony Monraz
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*Official Delta/ Whites Sign Ups*

Anthony Monraz
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Club Members in 2-Page Bassmaster Mag Photo
Looks like Deacon and possibly Chris Quinones? are in the "first cast" section of April's Basmaster magazine on pages 8-9. It looks like it's from the Elite Series Clearlake event last March. Pretty cool to see although it doesn't mention their names or the SCBBBC.

"Like a Duck. Above the water, float tube anglers look calm and confident. They have plenty of gear on their specialized fishing craft, looking like bite-size Bass Pro Shops Stores bobbing in the lake. They have modified livewells, electronics, and plenty of tackle storage for the day's fishing. Confident. To find bass, however, these anglers abide by the words of British actor Michael Caine: "Be like a duck- calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath."

Anthony S. Monraz

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Dave's Clear Lake report
Congrats Dave that's just insane
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