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*Official 2015 Classic Sign Ups and Details*

Joe Agrillo, Scott Rouhier, and Rob Linden

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. Thanks Dave!  [smil_cursing]  [banghead]  [swear]

What a game!!! Go giants!
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Scotts Clearlake report
WOW! Great job Scott! It took me years to gain the confidence and knowledge to squeek out my first win. Cheers to the first of many! [worthy]
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Clearlake report
I'll take the blame for starting it... Might have over steped my boundries with the friendly banter. I didn't mean to ruffle any feathers, all in good fun.
Any way, good job again to the big D's (Dan & Deren)!
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*Scbbbc Classic Tournament . Sept 20th & 21st Sign ups and details*
Rob Linden and Doug Scott will be there.
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Todds funeral service
It was a very respectful and emotional service. Every one I have me through these clubs deserverves to be Loved, appreciated and remembered like Todd was at his memorial. I look forward to seeing you all on the water at Folsom.
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folsom tournie with future pro this saturday
Do you have a boat? Im in Orangevale if you need a back seater. I've been pre fishing recently with a neighbor whos fishing in it........ He is on em' good!

(916) 225-1296
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Granite Bay at Lake Folsom
I was out there walking the bank last week. The water is steadaly rising by the day. The main launch is way out of the water but there is a secondary ramp that boats have been launching from for months. Even if the ramp is closed we can launch our boats from any where off the banks with less party boats on the water come May. I'm not sure if I will make the tournament so I might throw up some reports as the time gets closer to get the guys fired up. The report right now is cranks and jigs 10-25'.......
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I like what I see! I'm gonna try to fish every tournament with you guys this year.
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All Time Tournament Points Leaders - Updated 2013
Thanks for keeping up with this mike!........ And I accept the challange! [wave]
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2013 Lakes
The B-n-T open will be on April 27th and 28th. I just got the release boat locked up so it is official.
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Pro/Teen tournament report
 Dang Dude! Congradulations! That is a really cool tournament to win, and big UP'S to Cooch for putting that all together year after year.
 This is the second year in a row a Kick Boater has won the Pro-Teen tournament, last year it was Denzel Jackson who has fished a few events with B-n-T. That just goes to show how much more experience these kids have because they started out in a float tube!

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'11 Clear Lake Open
Back to back Clear Lake Open Wins........... DANG DUDE!

 Great Job Carson and to all others who placed well! And Thank you again John and Walt for stepping up and being so understanding!

See you all at the Classic!
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