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A brother and best friend died today. Todd Iwamoto
OMG! I heard about an accident on the Delta, but had no idea it was Todd. He was a great guy. When I first joined the club, he would always answer my questions and share his fishing knowledge. RIP Todd, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Angler's Revenge ®
It is official, Angler's Revenge is a Registered Service Mark. Next year, I will start shooting my fishing videos again. It will be nice to get back out on the water.

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Victims of Typhoon Haiyan Need Our Help

We have all seen the pictures and video of the aftermath and devastation in the central Philippines by Super Typhoon Haiyan. Entire communities are cut off. Information and communications are limited. Infrastructure is damaged or destroyed. Water, food, shelter and medical supplies are needed. It is gut wrenching to hear the pleas for help, knowing you are half way around the world. What can we do? 

Many of my colleagues are Filipino Americans. It is common for them to send money and other support back home. Most are from Metro Manila, an area mostly spared by the typhoon. But many have family and friends in the devastated area.

This is personal for me. The lady I have spent the past 13 years with is from Ormoc City in the province of Leyte. One of many severely damaged and isolated communities, a mere 60 miles southwest of Tacloban City as the crow flies. I have watched her frantically trying to contact family and friends. Obtaining only a trickle of information from her homeland.

Frustrated, and with no way to directly provide money or aid to loved ones, we decided the best way to help right now is to make a cash donation to one of the disaster relief agencies. Our choice is the Red Cross, but there are many others. 

I am asking that you join us. Any amount will help. If you wish to make a contribution to the Red Cross go to: http://www.redcross.org and select “Typhoon Appeal”.    Many companies will match an employee’s donation of $25 or more, so check with your companies Human Resources Department.

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Happy Birthday Mike Ayers
Happy Birthday Mike.
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Clear Lake Saturday
Hey Mike: I'm planning on Saturday and going up friday night again. I'm game to split a site. I prob. won't be up until 10pm.
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Cooch Fundraiser - Trolling Motor
Awesome!! Thanks again Lake for putting things together and making it happen.
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Fat Spring Lake Bass
Nice Vid & fish Carson!! See you at the open.
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schedule update
That's ok Dave. In your absence, I am going to play some of that video footage I took at last years Open. So it will be just like you are there. I just hope Duffany leaves Tank at home. The poor dog is still traumatized.
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*State Classic Details and Sign In* - UPDATE
Craig Huffman
David Brown
Mike Casey

will be there.
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Im Moving!
I wish you all the best in Tucson. It's be a pleasure fishing with you.
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One More Week..........................................
Scottb wrote: Just stay away from my TREE!!!! hahaha   scottyb

To late Scotty. Where do you think I stuck my 6 last week pre fishing!!  
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*Clear Lake Open Details*
Craig Huffman
David Brown
Mike Casey
are in and posted on BnT.
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