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foutain grove? and whats the 10$ for?

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Need a Few Fishing Spots(from shore)
       If thay are still there when i was a kid about 10 years ago in the petaluma river at the end of c st there where so many catfish there that you could see them right next to the dock swimming. you could net them three at a time if you wonted to. Also there where a lot of striped bass in that river too i used Sardine that i would cut into 3 section with a hook and bobber and that would get them every 5 min or so but that was 10 years ago so i dont know right now. There is also a good place to fish bluegill on worms by the gulf course in rohnert park. As riverfront goes the back pond is the best on the south facing shore there are some opening that i cought fish on a stick with some line that i found on they were bluegill but still fun

 hope this helps you and have a good time fishing
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