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Congrats John!!
What a start to your season!! Nice job dude!! Can't wait to hear about it!
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*Guess The Winning Open Weight Contest.*
45.52 BF 9.75! Can't Wait!!!
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Japan Club "FBI" held there first event for 2012

That was cool! Good turn out too!

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Deacon I talked to Rob Linden yesterday and he is going to put together something for Chris. I will follow up with him and see if I can help in any way. I never met Chris but he sure seemed like a nice guy. I am very sorry to hear that you all lost a friend.

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I got a wild pig at Lake sonoma...

That kicks ass! Thanks for sharing!

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Bnt white slought tourney ?

Sorry for the wrong info!

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Bnt white slought tourney ?
You can fish one tournament as a non member for no extra charge, but if you want to fish another one you have to join the club. See you guys out there.
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Name the species involved

Where did you get that picture? I had a meeting with a general contractor the other day and he had that same picture in his office.

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It's a girl

Right on Bihn! My first is 15 months now and it goes fast! Enjoy every minute! Congrats to you and your family!

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*Official Classic Sign Up & Details*
Hey Mike add Taylor Capilla, Matt Ludwig, and Noah Salazar to the list. Thanks!
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Team event Aug 29th sign up update

Taylor Capilla and Steve Lynch will be there.

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