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FG Riverfront Question

Copper john's catch bluegill by the dozen at FG.   Ive yet to crack the big bass pattern, but stripping buggers and or sculpin gets baby bass. 

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Camping and fishing advice

Just about the nicest lake you can camp on that i know of, big big browns and float tube friendly!

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Floating Russian River

A steelhead is a rainbow trout that goes to sea, what you caught was most likely a hatchery release, was the fin clipped? 

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Floating Russian River
Its an okay float, lots of 1/2# smallies,  find some structure and fish as low as you can for.  You will have to portage around the inflatable dam but there is a wagon on a steel rope that can help, depending on what your floating in.   Below this dam is where you may see some nice stipers but it is off limits to fish that hole. 

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russain river

If you want to catch a striper then I would suggest the lower river (below the inflatable dam.)  Smallies are in there typical haunts but you have to present down as low as possible.

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Anyone test any of this yet?  I read you could clear your spool if you had the wind at your back. 

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How much would you guess this weighs?

i would have saved the money on the scale and started buying better beer 

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FS : NFO Skykomish Sunrise Kickboat

man o man that is a sweet setup

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Anyone catching shad?

I heard the Russian has some shad in right now, anyone confirm?

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sonoma report


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A custom lure I made


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Have you ever caught a WTF??!

Big channel cat while fishing for pike, what a disappointment that was!

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Just Picked Up a Kickboat

sweet deal!

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