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*Guess The Winning Open Weight Contest.*
Total Weight of 42.78 with Big Fish of 6.7

Looking forward to it.  It's been a long time.. 
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M&M camping info
Hi Jon,
Bill and I are going to be staying at the Island RV Park in our travel trailer for the weekend.  I called Percy to ask him if we could just park our truck down by the dock where everyone else launches from.  He said that if we are not camping with them, that he charges a $10 launching fee.  I was wondering if you think any of the guys would let us bring our boats etc down on Friday night and keep them in their site for the night so we can just walk down to the launching area in the morning with our rods.  Or should we just buck up and pay the $10 a day launching fee?  Wasn't sure how the tournament handles that if guys are not staying the night there. 
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Poker Party June 18th
Hey Deacon,
I would come and school all you guys, but I was told there were no ladies allowed!!!  LAME!!!!  I think Bill will be there though. 
ps.. Good luck tomorrow at the tourney if you are you going. 
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local tomorrow
Bill and I are planning on going to Lake Sonoma to pre-fish and just check things out tomorrow.  We are planning on being out there around 1 or 2 and fishing till close to sunset.  Come and fish.  The more the merrier.
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*Official Clear Lake Sign-Up*
BigBassturd wrote:

finally convinced mic to stop being a wuss and realise the fish are already wet they dont mind so much, lol and well will see yall there, cant let her hold on to the fact that shes the only one of us thats weighed in a bass so far in the fam lol WE WILL BE THERE

Hey just cause I like to fish, doesn't mean I have given up all of my Princess Qualities. 
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Tracy Oasis Marine CatchemCaro sale until 3-15-2011
Hey Rich.  I still think you should do a Save the Boob design on the Henrietta.  Donate $2 of each one sold to Breast Cancer Research.  I could be your spokes girl.
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mmm... blackberry turnover
Mom's is the best.  I grew up across the street from them.  Lived there for 23 years.  Nothing has changed.  They are still awesome.   
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Lake Henasey?
Maybe we need to just show them proof of a fresh and proper pedicure.  What is this world coming to?  For cryin out loud!!  How is a stinky foot in a plastic wader gonna contaminate a lake that gets filled with bird crap and fish poop.  California is a piece of work I tell ya!!! 
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petaluma cheese factory
bagdadfisher wrote:

No, but I wanted to give it all a try, maybe when the water warms up more. My next trip will be to a pond on sonoma mountain

Hey Mike.. Let Bill and I know when you decide to go to Sonoma Mountain cause we were talking about that place the other day and want to try it out.  Call us... 707-803-0854
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Lake Henasey?
Hey Mike.  Did you go there and they told you couldn't put your boat in the water?  I poked around on the Lake Hennessey site and found their boating regulations which are as follows:

Boating Regulations: The daily boat launching fee is $4.00 per watercraft. Outboard motors of 10 horsepower maximum are allowed. Sailboats, catamarans and rubber rafts, with a minimum of 8 feet in length and a maximum of 18 feet, are allowed. Windsurfers, sailboats without cockpits, water skis, kayaks and other "similar crafts" are not permitted on Hennessey at any time. No swimming, wading, or water contact sports are allowed. Boats shall be allowed on the lake one hour before sunrise and shall be removed from the lake by one hour after sunset of each day.

Now, if you read this like I did, it sounds like to me that our kickboats would be ok due to the fact that they are over 8 feet long and are basically rubber rafts.  Or we could attach a flag to the end of a rod and be considered a sailboat.  HAHAHAHAHA.    

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What do we do for a living
I work for Addison Avenue Investment Services.  If anyone needs help with Retirement Planning, Investments, 401K reviews, we are the people to see.  We work for the Credit Union so we also have full banking services too. 

ps.. Nice one AC!! 
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1st Bass of 2011
Thanks guys!!  I am really looking forward to a great fishing year.  Last year was tough with the crazy weather we had, so hopefully this year will produce some serious hogs.  Not sure how many tournaments we will get to do this year due to money but Bill and I plan on getting out every other weekend to fish wherever just for more practice.  Need to get more confidence.      
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1st Bass of 2011
Had to post a pic of my first and 2nd fish of the season.  Was using a Hackattack Jig w/Rage Tail craw trailer.  First time catching anything on a jig. It was lots of fun.  Thank you Martin Luther for the extra day off to go fishing.   Click image for larger version - Name: kicken_bass_2011.jpg, Views: 58, Size: 97.38 KB
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Complete Livewell Kit
Well we were able to actually take everything back to Walmart that we had gotten for the livewell since we didn't get any takers.  We still have the Cabella's batteries and Charger though.  Two batteries and one charger.  Let us know if anyone is need of a new one.  They have never been used.
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This sundays Safari Rules and Regulations!
bassmaster95401 wrote:

Just talked with Vallejo Park and Rec

There is a permit needed, no cost, but you have to go in person to complete and sign the form.  Someone from the park district signs the form as well.

The office hours are 8am-5pm, and the location is 395 Amador Street in Vallejo.  Sounded like the permit is good for 6 months.

I tried to get them to fax or email the form to me with no luck.

Of course the person on the phone was not able to tell me what the form was about.  Your tax dollars at work!

I would ask everyone to call and ask a bunch of questions just so they know you are frustrated.  707.642.4600 is their phone number.

  Just wanted to let you know that I tried calling the phone number listed above and it was some cleaners company.  The correct number is 707-648-4600.  I called them to ask the same questions and she said it's been in effect forever but that maybe when you all were there last year, there wasn't anyone there enforcing the law.  The permits are free and are good for 6 months but you have to go into the office so they can view your ID.  So, we should all make an effort to go get one soon and try another turkey shoot there soon. 
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