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Looking for used rods/reels
Kmarcheschi wrote: I have a buddy looking for some stuff, and he is looking for used decent reels/rods.

If you have any rods/reels that you would like to get rid of, post of here what you are willing to get rid of and for how much.

Got some irods:
IRG II 775C $75
IRG II 704C $75
IRG II 744C $75
IROD AIR 703C $130
IROD AIR 6102S $130
Shimano Crucial 6'10" drop shot rod (never used with tags) $110

Id sell the whole lot for $645

You can text me at
707 477 1199
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New Video!
ukiahjon2 wrote: Mendo action,nice! Surprised not to see a toad smallie in there, they were chewin a month ago. Good vid

Thanks! That's what Im saying. I forsure thought I'd get into some smallies, but I only caught one.
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New Video!
Long time no post on here but I figured you guys might want to see my new video we just came out with. I need to get out to a tourney with you guys this year! Maybe the classic...

Enjoy [fisher]

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New Video!
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Anyone been to Berryessa lately?
Yeap, I'm out on thursday. Text me about the Delta. Didn't end up hitting Berry... stayed and fished some local ponds n stuff.
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Anyone been to Berryessa lately?
I'll be there monday too... should be fun. 
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Miller Punchin Weights
Yeah, I definitely see where you are coming from as I also use normal tungstens all the time and peg it directly all into one piece (95% of the time). I can see if you were blindly pitching the weight around, trying to flip it under trees, etc. it could become a problem but if you are open mat punching and "finessing" the weight into certain spots it works well. It's all preference though, and in certain situations it helps a lot (when fish are spooky and you don't want a punch rig crashing down on the mat). All I can say is try it out and if you don't like it don't use it and if you do, you will have a new little strategy in your back pocket to utilize when the time comes. Keep in mind you don't HAVE to leave space, you can directly peg it like any other weight. When fishing the Delta and Clear Lake a lot you gotta find different strats, techniques, and spots to attempt as the amount of pressure there is insane.   

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Miller Punchin Weights
Not sure if it said it in the video but he told me he likes to leave a few inches so that its easier for the weight itself to penetrate, and once the weight penetrates and begins to sink down the weight of it will pull the bait right behind it. I'm also assuming it would work well just pegging it directly against the weight. 
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Miller Punchin Weights
I fish these every once in a while... I actually got to fish with Danny Miller himself about a year or two ago and he showed me a TON of little tricks he has and what not. The weights themselves are very intimidating to fish with because of their size but they do what they are intended to do very well. I've caught plenty of fish with them and don't find the size of the weight to be much of a problem anymore. Danny told me that when he fishes with his weights he considers it more of a finesse style as there is no need of tossing it way up in the air like many other weights. He gently places it on top of the mats and then giggles the rod tip til that weight find a little nook or cranny to slip through. I'd say it's not so much the bait thats finesse but the way you put it through the mat. MUCH quieter and you'll spook less fish. 
I do recommend them but the standard 1-2oz. tungstens are still worth taking out there.

Check out these videos for more info on the weights:
The weight info is at the end of this vid

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FOR SALE: Rods and 2 reels

Got some gear I'm trying to get rid of....


*Skeet Reese Worm/jig - $60 (Never used) Retail: $89.99

*Falcon Bucoo Micro Guide 6'6" Med. Spinning - $80 (used once) Retail: $130.00

*Falcon Bucoo 6'6" Med. Spinning - $70 (used for a few months... in good condition) Retail: $130.00

*Falcon Bucoo 7' Med. Casting - $75 (used a few times) Retail: $130.00

*Daiwa LT 7'6" Flipping Rod - $60 (Used, but is probably one of the most durable rods) Retail: $160.00

*Duckett Micro Magic 7'3" Med./Hvy - $75 (used but still solid) Retail: $169.99

*Quantum KVD 7'3" Med. Spinning - $55 (used in good condition) Retail: $159.99

PM me if interested in anything or want pictures....

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Kick boat for sale??
I'd be willing to sell mine... PM me and I'll give more details... says your PM is disabled.
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Spring lake, riverfront, fountain grove turkey shoot?
Crazy! What are the water temps like out there right now?
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Spring lake, riverfront, fountain grove turkey shoot?
billythekidd44 wrote: ILOVEFATGIRLS wrote: Yeah we did a big fish t shoot / just josh & myself . Mine was a 3.14 & his was a 4.0 - A few more smaller ones were caught and missed another handful

Looks like your getting a jig bite looking at your 2014 big fish stats,are you flipping?[thumb]

And a frog fish???
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First Video
Good stuff. Gotta love FG even though the fish are considerably small compared to most lake around here. 

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