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Striped Bass turkey shoot Sunday December 3rd
In case anyone was wondering how it went? Well almost as good as turnout as a scheduled tourney!! LOL, I believe there was 12 of us !! Thanks to some of the hardcore scbbbc guys for coming out to fight the king tides!! Binh, Martin, Leo, Brian, dj , big mike basin from the BNT KREW! Also got a hobie and kayaks out there! Thanks for coming out!

Matthew won with 46” and Jason got big striper of the day 27”
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Striped Bass turkey shoot Sunday December 3rd
Who’s down to do a turkey shoot? Longest striper takes all! $20? More ? Lures or bait is allowed! I’ve been going lately to get a few for the fryer [smile] current and tides are fine, no problems at all, perfect for the kickboats. Anyone? Oh yeah ... at the Napa River!! Kennedy park launch or cutting warf? Both are free!! [smile]
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TOC Report
Awesome report!!! You deserve and earned it!!! DD BABY!!! Big FISH of year!!
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I think I’m the one that needs pointers on how to catch one !! LOL
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Newest member of the lure jewelry Club
I’m glad to help you anytime Dave!! Your a great guy and one of few that don’t annoy the fu$@ out of me !! Hope to see you Saturday for a redo!!
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2017 Classic Report
Congratulations Mitch!! Always have a great time talking with you early up there, dude!! That belt though! Soooooo G!! You earned it [smile]
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Brand new 10 ft fishcat stand up for sale
My buddy has a fish cat ir10 stand up brand new with a pull out standing platform for sight fishing lunker bass during the spawn. The boat is already assembled and literally only used for 4 hours in rodman slough. He only purchased it because his big boat was down, he is now buying a new ranger and doesn't need the kick boat at all. Has a custom pvc rack with 2 connecting points attached to the frame, so it's very secure! I believe the rack holds 8 rods/ maybe 12?

Retail was $999.00, he is selling for $700 obo/ rod rack was about $65 to build and I think is painted to match the blue fishcat boat ... if interested pm me
Click image for larger version - Name: IMG_7763.PNG, Views: 20, Size: 427.37 KB
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L.S. Night Turkey shoot winner report
Dude that's sick you whooped all of us from 2 float tubes!! That's rad!! Congratulations, hope to see you at more tourneys guys.
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MM Public ramp will be our sundowner event
Okay cool , see ya there
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MM Public ramp will be our sundowner event
Maybe we can do a quick vote at the meeting? Personally I feel m&m is a very bad location. Clearlake is shut-down right now on the "bite". County park has at least spawn areas so we might have a better chance? I'm just thinking of everyone having a better chance at catching some fish. Just my 2 , anyways go prefish both in case we vote ?
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Lake Sonoma sign up March 18th public ramp
Hey binh, I think AYERS forgot we changed it to MAIN BODY - WHICH MEANS ... NO 1 WEEK CUT OFF RIGHT? I thought we just had a huge discussion about this at the first meeting of the year ??? This is getting old and really confusing
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Lake Sonoma sign up March 18th public ramp
Smallie master is in!! 😂 #5lbLimit
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WesternBass Coverage
That's aawweessoommee ☺️👍
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B-n-T Open
County park is sweet!!! That whole area in either direction is money!! [smile] 👍
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